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Child Friendly Bucks Party Ideas

Planning a bucks night is already a super stressful task. Add the responsibility of organising one that is suitable for the buck’s underage younger brother? MUCH harder. Well there goes all the ideas revolving strippers and copious alcohol… god damn. Let us enlighten you to the world of child friendly bucks party ideas that are still mega fun, but don’t come at the cost of having to kick little bro from the invite list.

On The Water

Water based activities are the best for an all ages bucks party during the day! Bucks Party Private Yachts, Bucks Jet Skiing safaris, Bucks Party Fishing and Bucks High Speed Jet Boating are some of our faves. We even have an option for Brisbane Bucks to head to an Island for the day, snorkelling, boating and living the dream. Our Water based Bucks events are some of our most popular - for good reason too! They are an all-round crowd pleaser guaranteed to satisfy the 12 year old cousin Jimmy, just as much as Grandpa Fred. Scrub up for an epic lads dinner afterwards and that’s the perfect package! Of course, there is VIP entry for those of age afterwards…. we know you won’t want to just stop there... (At least we know Grandpa Fred is just holding out for the after party... call in the strippers!)

The Great Outdoors!

In Similar style to above, kick off the day with an underage friendly bucks outdoor adventure. Bucks Party Quad Biking, Epic Bucks Paintball, Bucks Clay Shooting and Bucks Go Karting and Bucks Golf are our most popular Outdoorsy activities! They are classic Bucks Party activities that never go out of style.  These kind of active bucks activities are a great way  to get a little blokey and competitive with the boys, cause ya know… bonding. Just keep Gramps away from the gun.

Fancy Shmancy

Because you just know he will want to feel like utter VIP royalty on his bucks night. Picked up in a gleaming hummer, pimped out with epic sound system and strobe lighting with plenty of room for all the lads and all the BYO drinks. (Soft drink for you little one!). Cruise for an hour like celebrities before being dropped to one of our many incredible restaurants all over Australia, for a delicious 3 course dinner, just like kings. Whether he is an Italian feast kind of man, a classic ribs and burgers guy or into Asian Tapas - we have him covered with the feed of all feeds.

Something a Little Different…

If you don’t already know, at My Ultimate Bucks we love creating unique bucks parties… something that your buck won’t expect or that none of the guys in your group would have tried before! Unique underage friendly event you say? Easy done. Escape rooms! We are obsessed with these. We lock you in a room with plenty of clues, riddles and a backstory. Solve it all to get out before the time is up!. Another one that we love? Sky Diving. Your underage guest will have to be at least 16, and then jump in a plane for the experience of a lifetime. Meet ya at the bottom!

No Lame Events for You!

See with child friendly bucks party ideas!  You don’t have to have a lame bucks event just because you’ve got a few young ones in the group. If you are insistant on getting boozey and seeing some tits, you can still do that – but just wait until the underage guests have graciously departed. And maybe the father of the bride too. But Bring Grampa Fred! What would you do without us. Check out our many bucks party ideas and packages in Sydney, Gold Coast, Melbourne and Brisbane that can be attended by underage guests, by clicking the homepage. #BestBucksEver