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So, you've decided you have a few questions! Well, below we have put together some of the queries we hear of from time to time. However, if you cannot find your answer below please feel free to call us on 1300 339734 and one of our expert consultants will answer your query.

What are the standard steps in a My Ultimate booking?

Great Question!

From start to finish we are here to help every step of the way – with literally tens of thousands of previous happy attendees & Consultants who seriously love what we do, you can rest assured you have come to the right place!

Full deets below, however in case you are racing out for a beer with the boys, here is the express version:...

Find your perfect package from our zillions of My Ultimate options!

If you need to, give us a call or drop us an email to work out any nitty-gritty details

Once you know you have found your event, pay your booking deposit. - It is important you know that:

  • We pride ourselves on ensuring that your event runs perfectly, therefore we would never let you think ‘your booking was on hold’ when it wasn’t. To ensure genuine & fair availability for all, we don’t put things on hold or take 'tentative' bookings, so you'll need to hold off getting everyone excited about your chosen package by waiting to send out those invites until after your event is confirmed by paying your deposit.
  • Deposits are equal to four people's payment.
  • Booking deposits are always 100% non-refundable, however, once paid it means your booking and all its activities are 100% confirmed - woohoo!

On your final due date (usually three weeks before the event) you tell us your final numbers, make your final payment and let us know any guest deets, like if Uncle Frederick still has that shellfish allergy, etc…

Prepare to party & throw your mate the night of his life and be proud you have pulled off the Ultimate Bucks event! ( All glory and very little effort, on your behalf )

Rave about your event like hundreds of others on our online reviews and start planning your next event!


...& for those who have a full double shot latte and one minute or seven, here are the full steps to booking with us:

Step One – Find your perfect package! : Invite the boys around, open a beer or wine and search through all the fantastic packages we have available – choose the date you would like your experience to be...& let everyone know via our easy share facebook page or PDF package links ( after you have booked of course ! )

Step Two – Get in contact! : Once you have found your perfect package...Make the booking! You can email us, call us on 1300 339 734 or send us a contact request form from the Contact Us section of our website. Your Personal Consultant will then take you through all the details of the package, check availability for you and answer any questions you may have – remember, we are here to help!

Step Three – Final Check of availability & ask any questions! : Once the availability of your package is confirmed we are good to go and lock in your booking! Your Consultant will chat to you about the day, take down some important contact details of the lead buck or Best man– like his name, the Bucks name, the best email to contact him on etc. AND the great news don’t have to have your final numbers confirmed at the time of booking – these aren’t due until 3 weeks before your package commencement date. All you need to know is that you will make your minimum numbers for the package – don’t worry about the hassle of trying to confirm numbers months out – it’s too stressful!

Step Four – Pay your deposit: To secure the booking the organiser will need to pay a deposit equal to 4 persons payments. Please only make your deposit when you are 100% sure you want to go ahead with the booking. All deposits are non-refundable...the good news is, that as soon as you pay your deposit with us...your package is 100% guaranteed and confirmed! Deposits are usually secured by Credit Card payments made with our consultants. Please note that as a goodwill gesture we waive the 1.5% credit charge surcharge for standard deposit bookings.

Step Five – Invites, planning and little extras! : After your package is all locked in, your consultant will email you a Booking Information pack – which will have all of the details of your event. This will include:

  • Your My Ultimate Bucks booking number, which you will need to quote on all emails or if you phone us, so we can pull up your party info as quickly as possible
  • Your itinerary and timing for the event
  • All the specific contact details for your consultant
  • All the info you will need to collect from the guests – i.e dietary requirements, mobility requirements etc
  • Specifics about your package, for example Menus, Timings, Sleeping configuration charts for overnight packages etc. 
  • Lots of other information and everything you will need to know about your booking

It’s then up to the lead buck to do his bits like getting the invites out and receiving RSVP’s to finalise numbers etc.

Step Six – We are here to help along the way! : Of course, from the time of booking right through until after your event – we are here to help! Have a question about BYO drinks in the limo? Need to know if early check-in is available? Want to check if there is a vegetarian option at dinner? We would love to hear from you! Your consultant is always available via email or phone during our contact hours listed on the Contact Us page – we are here to make the whole process as easy as possible so let us know all of your questions and quirks – that is what we are here for!

Step Seven – 3 weeks before the big event! (or on the due date discussed with your consultant at the time of booking) you will need to get in contact with your bucks planner and go over your final numbers. This is also the time when you will need to make your final payment to us for all guests attending. There are a range of ways you can pay your final payment, which your consultant will be able to discuss with you in detail at the time of booking. The most common way is via direct deposit, it is fee-free and oh-so-easy! You can also elect to pay via Visa or Mastercard – however, please be aware that with this method we, unfortunately, have to add a surcharge of 2% to cover the fees from our bank. At this stage, you can also let us know if your guests have any final dietary or mobility requirements so we make sure these are all ready for the day.

Step Eight – Your Confirmation! : Your Bucks party planner will then email you a Booking Confirmation PDF that you will need to print and take with you to your event. This will have your confirmed guest numbers, your itinerary, the contact numbers of everyone involved (Limo drivers, burlesque dancers) in case you need to contact them directly on the day.

Step Nine - Bask in the glory of organising a fantastic event with bugger all effort on your behalf ( But they don't need to know that ! )

Are your packages available for Birthdays, Hens or Getaways?

Absolutely! Almost all of our packages have already been run for a Birthday Party, Girly Getaway or Corporate event–, everyone wants a piece! Let your consultant know the occasion and we can tweak the package to suit. Click here to view our sensational Hens packages.

How long before the My Ultimate package commences do I have to pay?

The final balance for any My Ultimate Package must be paid in full (that is, all members of the attending party as agreed with the organiser at the time of booking) Three weeks out from the event date (or on the due date discussed with your consultant at the time of booking). Any booking for a Package that is made within the three weeks of it taking place may require full payment at the time of booking. This timing is subject to change depending on the event & your Consultant will review the specific timing of payments on a case by case basis and inform the organiser at the time of the booking request. Please be aware that no, tickets, confirmations or vouchers for the My Ultimate Package will be released to the organiser until the booking has been paid in full by each member of the travelling party (i.e all monies have been received)

What if the number of people attending the My Ultimate package changes?

The great news is that at the time of booking, you don’t have to have your final numbers or even your guest list sorted out, only a rough idea of numbers. You will, however, be committed to the minimum attendee numbers and therefore the minimum spend on your chosen package - Your Consultant will clearly go over this with you at the time of booking, details regarding the minimum participant numbers for any package are openly available in the 'At a Glance' section on our website! On your package due date (see Step Seven above) you will need to have all of your guest numbers solidly confirmed. Your numbers can, in some but not all packages, go up after this date but you need to be aware that for changes after this time additional fees will apply as we will be confirming numbers with all of our activity suppliers at this time.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

You can view our Covid Policy here

Here at My Ultimate we pride ourselves on running our business with integrity and transparency of our booking policies. By the time you make your booking for your event with us, your Consultant and the information provided to you will have clearLy stipulated that booking deposits are always 100% non-refundable.

Cancelled bookings will always incur charges. As we are acting as an agent our cancellation policy is in addition to the cancellation policies of the suppliers we work with to facilitate your package. Any cancellation of an event will always result in the 100% loss of your booking deposit. Additionally, cancellation within three weeks of your event date will incur further charges - My Ultimate will impose a 30% cancellation fee on gross charges excluding deposit (i.e the minimum number of persons required for your chosen package times by the per head cost of your chosen package, less the deposit already paid). My Ultimate fees will apply as well as any service provider fees incurred by My Ultimate pertaining to your event. This may be up to 100% of the gross cost of your event.

Some fees may also apply where a booking is changed or vouchers are reissued at any stage following the payment of your booking deposit - if applicable these will be clearly discussed with you by your Consultant.

I really want to bring along my nephew or younger brother, what is the minimum age?

There is no rule that can 'blanket cover' each one of our packages. Some venues and activity suppliers do not allow under 18's to attend, and others do! The easiest way to ensure that underage guests can be a part of your My Ultimate event is to chat to your Consultant about the options available! Of course, common sense prevails for example, with activities such as skydiving, wine tasting, events at night club venues etc. Please ask your Consultant for advice & specifics.

Can I change, add-on or mix-and-match activities to an existing package?

Absolutely! Love the idea of adding on a tour in a stretched Hummer or want that topless waitress serving drinks? Want to add cocktails or imported beers to your canapés or swap a crime time for a bridge climb? No Problems... Remember, this is about creating Your Ultimate Bucks event– you come up with the genius ideas & specific requirements and we can make them happen – we are here to help.

Does everyone in my Bucks group have to do every part of a package?

We understand that everyone in your package might not want to throw themselves out of a plane at 10,000 feet or participate in a Whisky appreciation session! No problem – we can tailor your package to suit the different requests of everyone in your package, just call us & we can sort out the logistics! However, we cannot generally offer alternate individual experiences that are not available to everyone.

I want a specific package, however, I have fewer people than the required minimum.

The best way to deal with this one is to give us a ring to work out your specific numbers – The reason we have minimums is because some of our activity suppliers have minimum numbers to run their activities smoothly – i.e a private sunset mega-yacht cruise doesn’t really work for three people ( well, within normal budgets anyway ! ) However there are lots of options for smaller groups, such as joining a non-exclusive session (sunset cruise that’s open to the public), or paying a small fee per person to keep the exclusivity & indulgence of an experience in a package. You must however always meet the minimum spend requirement for any package ( minimum numbers times the cost per head )

I really want to bring along my sister / girlfriend / nana, are the Bucks packages for guys only?

We love Nana’s too! Your Ultimate Bucks is about creating a special experience for you – & of course, My Ultimate packages can be enjoyed by everyone!

I’m looking for a booze cruise and strippers, have I come to the right place?

No... Every Groom-to-be deserves to have memories that will last a lifetime and have the very best Bucks night experience. The My Ultimate concept was developed for Bucks who wanted more than a pub crawl to celebrate this special milestone. Both My Ultimate and our suppliers strongly support having the best day possible, and any excessive drunkenness, rude or disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated & may result in the early cancellation of your package with no refund– remember, you’re creating a memorable experience, you deserve more than making your special Bucks event ‘just another day at the pub!’

When are you open & how can I contact you?

Please click here, Contact page, to see our Contact Pathways and times

I love the My Ultimate Bucks packages – what about packages for my wife-to-be?

Absolutely! We have our My Ultimate Hens night website at, where your girl can choose everything between Skydiving to Pamper Sessions. Built around the same concept as My Ultimate Bucks, the My Ultimate Hens website will has all-inclusive packages for the Hen who want to have great, memorable experiences with the girls instead of just heading for the kegs and strippers.... & just to make it really a hens & a bucks My Ultimate package and ask us about all sorts of special offers! Call us on 1300339734 or email us with our contact form

What do the My Ultimate Packages include and are there any extra charges?

The My Ultimate Packages are designed to take all the hard work out of planning a Bucks turn, so all that is left for you to do is decide what you want for your special day and tell us! Our packages include all the activities, food, drinks, experiences and transfers referred to in the individual packages, as well as all taxes (including GST) booking fees & charges. Please be aware that our packages do not include transfers to the starting point of the package, including any airfares ( See below ).

Why don’t the My Ultimate packages include airfares?

The My Ultimate Packages are divided into Destinations. These destinations are available in both your local city & also where you and your best mates can whisk away on an interstate adventure! Often airlines offer short term specials that are well below normal published prices. By not including airfares in the package you have the opportunity to save heaps on your airline transfers by taking advantage of these offers.

I live in a rural area away from where the packages take place, what can I do?

Live two hours away from the city & have your heart set on a My Ultimate package? – no problem! Don’t go through the stress of getting everyone to drive, buy train tickets or carpool, just contact one of our friendly consultants and they may be able to organise the minibus, limo or stretch hummer transfers for you as part of your package!

Why don’t you have an online checkout cart so that I can just Click and Buy?

The My Ultimate concept is centred around exceptional customer service. We have created our customer service program to enable you to have one name, one number, access to your personal Consultant - we understand that your Bucks group is unique and that you don’t want just another 'cookie-cutter bucks turn’. A ‘click and buy’ system does not allow you to be selective with dates, venues or activities.

What about Privacy?

My Ultimate is as passionate about keeping your details as safe as you are. We never share your information with any outside companies other than those required for the smooth running by our suppliers & never exchange or sell information with unrelated third parties. For more information, please view our Privacy Statement or call us on 1300 339 734 & we’ll post one out to you.