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With so many unique bucks party ideas and of course your tried & true classic bucks party additions on hand you can create the perfect package for your buck! Whether you're looking to go on an awesome bucks brewery tour, hit the fairways with a spot of golf, enjoy the Melbourne waterways from your own private bucks party cruise, test your skills with our axe throwing sessions, smash it out of the park with our epic break room experience, chill out with some barefoot bowls, have a stunning topless waitress dote on the lads or indulge in a bucks pool tournament - My Ultimate Bucks has got your back!  

So, if you've had a browse through our Melbourne bucks party packages and nothing is jumping out at you - don't stress! So, grab a beer, settle in and get started on creating your own personalised bucks night wishlist from the incredible options below! We're always here to help with decades of industry experience, brilliant prices and an awesome sense of fun to ensure that your best mate has the bucks party he's sure not to forget! Start building your custom Melbourne bucks party package from our activities below and let's get planning!

We're so keen to get started on planning this brilliant Melbourne bucks party alongside you! With so many awesome bucks party ideas & options you can be rest assured you've landed in the perfect place to give your best mate a legendary bucks night! We pride ourselves on having the biggest & best selection of unique bucks night ideas and our Melbourne bucks package builder allows you to put all of these together to create a custom bucks party package that all your fellow groomsmen will wish they thought of first! 

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The possibilities with My Ultimate Bucks are endless! Whether your buck is looking to hook a winner on his own private fishing charter, tour the skies in a luxury helicopter, rappel from the side of building, chill out with some barefoot bowls, indulge in some private bucks night strip shows, party it up on his own private bucks night cruise, enjoy an epic waterfront steak dinner, shoot clays from the sky with a shotgun or just drink with his mates we've got your back! Just tell us what your mate's bucks night fantasies are & we'll package them up ready to go! 

Now if you're searching for some inspiration we've got a range of Melbourne bucks packages that are all ready to go! Have a browse through our range of popular bucks party packages to gather some ideas - you might even find the perfect package as you're checking out our huge range of options!

So, let's get this bucks party planning started - grab a beer first of course! Pick your winning unique bachelor party ideas and we'll craft them into the perfect package for your buck! The sky really is the limit with our impressive range of unique bucks party ideas! We can't wait to have the honour of creating the perfect custom bucks party package for you - so get clicking so we can get planning!