At My Ultimate Bucks, we're not just about throwing epic parties (although we're bloody great at that too) we're also committed to making a meaningful impact on our community, which is why:

we proudly support and partner with mens mental health charity "Grab Life by the Balls" 

Improving boy's and men's health and well-being through MATESHIP

Grab Life By The Balls is founded on mateship, something that My Ultimate Bucks has always prioritised since the get go. Mateship with our awesome clients, mateship between our staff and celebrating every win, whether it's big or small. We're proud to support a charity founded by men, highlighting what can be accomplished by simply getting together with mates around a BBQ and enjoying a chinwag and a snag to check in on one another.

Our Mission Is Simple...

We're on a mission to improve men's health and well-being through mateship.

By aligning with Grab Life By The Balls, we're honoured to contribute to expanding and strengthening the quality of mateship between men from all walks of life through authentic and genuine connections.

When you choose My Ultimate Bucks for your bucks party celebration, you're not only sorting your best mate out with the best bucks party he could ever're also playing a vital role in helping us turn the table on male suicide and male mental health.

A Note From The My Ultimate Bucks Founder

When people hear 'bucks party,' they often think it's all about the booze and adrenaline-pumping activities - and they certainly are! There is also an unspoken,  deeper & more meaningful aspect to what a bucks party does - and that is celebrate and foster mateship.

As the founder of My Ultimate Bucks, I've seen firsthand how these gatherings bring mates together, creating spaces where men can genuinely connect, share, and support each other. It's in these moments of laughter, reminiscing, and sometimes even vulnerable conversations, that true mateship shines through.

That's why partnering with Grab Life By The Balls Men's Mental Health Charity was a no-brainer for us. We recognise the vital role that strong friendships play in maintaining good mental health for men and boys. Every weekend, as we bring hundreds of mates together across Australia, we're not just celebrating a groom-to-be – we're fostering those crucial bonds of mateship.

We're proud to say that while we're known for throwing great parties, we're equally committed to making a positive impact on men's mental health. It's about creating memories, sure, but also about building and reinforcing the supportive networks that guys need in their lives.

What Sam and his team at Grab Life By The Balls do is powerful - it's a game changer for mens mental health. So when you book with us, know that you're not just planning a legendary bucks party – you're also contributing to a cause that's making a real difference in men's lives. And that's something we can all raise a glass to.

Nyz - Owner of My Ultimate Bucks

Creating Positive Changes In Men's Mental Health

My Ultimate Bucks Supports Grab Life By The Balls as a Major Corporate Sponsor, helping to:

Grow and expand what we they already do:

- Supports already established social events they host for blokes mental health

- Grow their network of social events across the country. Our goal is to have 100 locations across Australia where men can come together, break down the barriers of chatting about mental health, have a yarn and prioritise mateship

- Deliver their talks to more people across Australia

Help them develop:

- Their young men program

- Other mentor/ peer support programs for boys and men

- Fast track future projects

Thank you for helping us make positive change to men's suicide rates and mental health statistics. Let's get behind our Aussie blokes, open up conversations with mates and meet them where they're at and change those statistics one by one.

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