Established 2011

Law Of The Stag!

  • Private Room
  • Seasonal Canapes
  • Topless Poker Dealer
  • Topless Waitress
  • Beverage Package
  • With Spirits
  • Strip Club Entry
  • Reserved Lounge Seating
  • Double Fantasy Strip Show
  • Lap Dance for the Buck
  • Customise it!

This is not for the tame or the easily shocked. You just need to know Section One, Paragraph One of The Law of the Stag which reads ‘What happens on the Stag, Stays on Stag’....and the rest it history!

$209.00 per person, based on 20 attendees. Expecting less? Contact us.

What are the requirements for a Sydney bucks party that is as classic as they come? We give you a private topless poker hostess and topless waitress, free flowing beverage package, and a double fantasy strip show with special attention for the buck! It’s his last night with freedom, a last night of liberty and more to the point a chance for you to grasp the fast-closing chance at his singledom. Make sure he fulfills everything he has ever wanted to do before he retires to the nether place of ‘married’ and guarantee the lads a night to remember.

We have sourced (after tireless hours of research and never-ending nights out) entry into our top-notch venue - and we hope you’re ready for your exclusive use of your own private room - just made for a Sydney bucks party. Complete with three hours of free flowing drinks - including house spirits, beer, wine and soft drinks – with the exquisite environment, this den of shenanigans is reminiscent of somewhere James Bond might like to celebrate!

To top it all off, we have found you a gorgeous topless poker dealer AND stunning topless waitress whose wardrobes consist solely of not much at all – G-strings and high heels, because covering those figures in anything more would be a crime against mankind. Hired as much for their loose morals and lapse attitude toward clothing as they were for their figures! Our incredible My Ultimate Bucks poker dealer will also come prepared with cards and chips to ensure this lads night ticks all the boxes.

After two hours of fun with your two absolutely stunning topless ladies, watch them reluctantly re-robe and wave goodbye! Don't worry lads - the drinks are right where you left them and won't stop flowing. So walk up to the bar and grab another - rum and coke anyone? Three hours of gentlemanly awesomeness passes, and just as your buck is patting you on the back for an awesome send-off, thinking it’s all done and dusted, it's onto the next venue where we add to this flawless night!

Stroll over to our insane strip club, and be shown to your reserved lounge right near the stage! After settling in, one of our HOT My Ultimate Bucks angels will lead you and the lads to your private room to enjoy a show that pushes the boundaries just that little bit further! Your double fantasy strip show features two of our best babes, who were instructed to not leave ANYTHING to the imagination. It’s your bucks special night so we've treated him to an erotic lap dance from one of our stunners! This is something that you can only do on a Sydney bucks party – so why the hell not?

Seriously, best man job DONE. Tales to be retold in the soft murmur that lives with ‘The Law of the Stag’, passed down through generations as a pinnacle that can never be matched and you – as the best man – will be forever remembered as the maker of geniuses. Send us an email on Our contact form or give us a call on 1300 339 734 so we can give your best mate the sinful send-off he deserves!