Established 2011

The A Team

  • Private Room
  • FIVE Topless Waitresses
  • Beverage Package
  • Private Bar Staff
  • Antipasto Platters
  • Customise it!

When it comes to a good old fashioned bucks party, we know there is one pivotal reason to attend – the hot stunners. So we’ve thrown in FIVE of them for your group exclusively. A revolving door of g-string clad topless waitresses pandering over your buck and his best lads, and a free flowing beverage package to raise a glass to him over and over again!

$219.00 per person, based on 16 attendees. Expecting less? Contact us.

Wanting the ultimate Sydney bucks party for your A team and five topless waitresses? Tell the missus you are off for a night with the A team lads for a night out to remember. Shown to your private room it’s time to get a drink from the bar...and keep ‘em coming! We have laid on a three hour beverage package that includes beer, beer and more beer (and wine), so put your wallet away boys and signal for another – it’s super important to stay well hydrated after all!

Now that the beer is sorted, let’s talk about your ladies. All FIVE of them. Yes, you read that right. Five ladies. All yours. They will enter in a parade of tempting looks all clad in just sky high heels with a lace G-string… and nothing else! Hello beautiful! Start this Sydney bucks night package off with two minxes circulating through the room for the first two hours, chatting to everyone and pandering over your buck of course!

After the first hour when your heart rate has started to drop back down, we up the ante and in slide three more perfect topless stunners! Your buck has a revolving door of women entering the room, again and again - literally living out all his Playboy magazine dreams. Our beautiful bucks night topless waitresses are hired not only for their gorgeous figures – personality is prime and our gals will ensure all of the blokes are having a truly brilliant time - they are just damn good (looking) chicks!

As well as getting amongst it, flirting with your best mate and ensuring every lad is involved, your cheeky stunners can ferry around the served selection of grazing food for the lads too! With proper filling canapes - this specially designed buck’s night menu has something for everyone.

As the night goes on your My Ultimate Bucks angels will teeter off and you can finish up your beers before heading into one of our trendiest Sydney nightclub to party the night away. Not done with the pretty ladies yet? Let us set you up with complimentary entry into our hottest strip club where you won’t pay a cover charge and can saunter in to continue the night in the style you have become accustomed too – being surrounded by beautiful women! We can of course upgrade the package to include one or multiple strippers and strip shows – including our sought after double trouble fantasy show – it is a Sydney bucks night after all!

This sort of thing just doesn’t happen in everyday life! It’s pure bucks night fantasy…Let’s make this dream a reality for you and your buck. Girl after girl after girl - they just keep coming and your buck just keeps drooling. Best man job done! Flick us an email on Our contact form or give us a call on 1300 339 734 so we can give your best mate the send off he deserves!