Established 2011

What More Could You Want - Bucks Weekend!

  • Overnight Accommodation
  • Topless Waitress in Apartment
  • Ultimate Steak Dinner
  • Round Of Drinks At Dinner
  • Bonus Bev for the Buck
  • Stretch Hummer Cruise
  • BYO In Hummer
  • VIP Booth
  • Beverage Package
  • Strip Show
  • Customise it!

So, this one is really very simple and I can sum this Sydney bucks weekend away all up in just five easy words that every best man wants to hear……. Tits, Drinks, Dinner, Hummer, Stripper, Hotel.

$419.00 per person, based on 10 attendees. Expecting less? Contact us.

Want a Sydney bucks weekend as classic as they come? Why reinvent the wheel if it’s not broken – or some kind of proverb like that. This weekend away has everything you can think of – what more could you want?!

In the afternoon, it’s time to check in and see your epic inner-city apartment. Make sure you take advantage of the full-sized fridge and stock it full to the brim of your own BYO beers and bevvies. Our upgraded, handpicked bachelor pad accommodation forms the main location for the weekend of shenanigans and has plenty of living room and kitchen space to host. Soon after you’ve checked in and chilled out, there is a knock at the door and who could it possibly be...

Your buck opens the door to be welcomed by one of our My Ultimate Bucks babes clad only in sky-high-heels and a tiny G-string, ready to serve you and the lads those pre-prepared cold BYO beverages. She's yours for the next two hours and will spend that time pandering over you and the crew - ensuring lots of special attention is given to the buck, of course. This Sydney bucks weekend is just beginning boys.

This package is the gift that keeps on giving – wave goodbye to your stunning topless waitress and freshen up to head out to our incredible bar and restaurant in the heart of Sydney. Be shown to your reserved table and be treated to an arrival drink for all, with a bonus drink for the buck, of course! Take your pick between a schooner of delectable house beer, or do you fancy something harder - maybe a rum and coke? We've sorted you a dinner fit for kings - a hearty feed of 350grams of premium t-bone steak with each guest's choice of sauce and sides. Is your mouth watering as much as mine? Our epic restaurant and bar venue is plucked straight from some quaint Irish drinking den - serving as the perfect place for your bucks night dinner.

After your delicious dinner party, step outside to be greeted by one of our decked-out hummers ready to take you on a tour around the Sydney nightlights. Fully equipped with an awesome Bluetooth sound system, high-end leather upholstery seats, and epic laser lights – you and the lads get to drive around like the My Ultimate Bucks VIP’s you are!

The VIP antics don’t stop there. Your awesome hummer cruise stops out the front of our ever-popular Sydney strip club. You and the lads get guest list entry and are led by one of our absolute babes to your reserved VIP booth - positioned perfectly to see the stage and the girls, of course. Grab a drink from the bar as your two hours of free-flowing drinks begins! Don't get too settled in though as the My Ultimate Bucks angels keep coming! Our stunning goddess will whisk you and the lads away into our private room for her breath-taking performance... I can't disclose too much information about the show - you'll just have to see it to believe it!

Just because we think he deserves an awesome Sydney bucks weekend away, send us an email on Our contact form or give us a call on 1300 339 734 so we can give your best mate the awesome send-off he deserves!