Knock Knock! Kidnap The Buck

  • Kidnap The Buck Experience
  • Party Bus
  • Topless Waitress to Kidnap the Buck!
  • BYO Onboard
  • Double Fantasy Strip Show
  • Lap Dance for the Buck
  • Customise it!

The night starts off with a knock on the door. Bang bang! One stunning babe breaks into the room as you open the door. She has a quest. She’s going to kidnap your buck and give his life one final shake-up before he settles down into married life.

$189.00 per person, based on 15 attendees. Expecting less? Contact us.

Is your buck one for pranks – how does a kidnap the buck scenario sound? The night may start off like an ordinary Sydney bucks party. The buck was lured in with the promise of a quiet send off with a few beers. You’re midway through your ‘quiet night’, when a knock at the door reveals an unexpected very good-looking guest. Buck tied up, while she strips down for you boys and blindfolds the man of the hour! It’s kidnapping time! Lead into a huge party bus with leather seats and music blasting, bring the BYO beers and get ready for a cruise! Dropped to the door of our brilliant strip club for an insane fantasy strip show with two stunners and an erotic lap dance for the buck! 

Your buck claims he just wants a couple of beers with the boys at his place for his bucks… but you’re the man in charge and you know him much better than that. He’s an awesome bloke who never asks for much, so tonight he’s getting exactly what he never asked for - and he’s going to love every second of it. You and the boys are secretly down the road at the pub meeting your stunning bucks night kidnapper! After a quick introduction, you'll all hop onboard your epic party bus and cruise to the unsuspecting buck's house! Next minute, a loud knock on the door… “who on earth could that be?” your extremely confused buck says… oh boy, things are about to get bloody brilliant. 

In storms our My Ultimate Bucks babes, right on cue! Strutting straight up to the buck, theatrics and all (she wasn’t just hired for her incredible tits!). Moments later, the buck’s hands are tied and she’s stripping her uniform off, down to nothing but a G-string and sky-high heels…before blindfolding the buck and with the help of yourself, ushering him towards the blaring sounds coming from outside!

Hop back on your fully-kitted out party bus, with a mega sound system and decked out interior – if only the buck could see! Okay, maybe un-blindfold him once you’re in front of the epic vehicle. In hop you and the lads, as well as your smoking hot stunner – it’s time for the next portion of the evening! Your buck can’t believe the turn of events as you’re cracking open beers in your very own BYO party bus whilst cruising through Sydney. Surely this Sydney bucks party couldn’t get any better right? Wrong!

Dropped to the door of our incredible Sydney bucks paradise, wave goodbye to your My Ultimate Bucks angel. You'll enter our ultimate strip club lounge, and be shown to your private room to enjoy a sultry strip show featuring two goddesses! Your best mate is in awe – you’ve truly outdone yourself. This is as good as a surprise bucks party gets! Oh wait, there’s even more. Finish the night off with an erotic lap dance for the man of the hour. We told you this was a Sydney bucks night package full of surprises!

The perfect staged kidnapping and evening of pure bucks awesomeness for a buck who doesn’t realise what he REALLY wants. We have done all the work, now all you have to do is send us an email on Our contact form or give us a call on 1300 339 734 so we can help you plan this insane surprise! No one has to know you got a little help from the Sydney bucks party professionals!