Established 2011

Breweries and Babes

  • Brewery Tour
  • Private Bus And Driver
  • 4 Epic Brewery Stops
  • Local Sydney Breweries
  • 3 Paddles Included
  • Brewery Feed
  • Schooner At Last Stop
  • Steak Dinner
  • Round Of Drinks At Dinner
  • Bonus Bev for the Buck
  • Strip Club Entry
  • VIP Booth
  • Topless Stunners
  • Two Included Drinks Per Person
  • Customise it!

A whole day of drinking beers (like seriously, AM to PM), epic lunch feed, more beers, a private bus chauffeuring your boys between venues, more beers, some serious good food, a trip to the strip club, and did we mention there is BEER?!

$289.00 per person, based on 14 attendees. Expecting less? Contact us.

Is your best mate wanting an epic Sydney brewery tour? There’s no better package for a buck who loves the two ‘B’ words… beers and babes. Begin your day as your private bus arrives to take you to beer heaven… the breweries of course! Your driver also serves as your VIP guide for the day – ensuring that all the lads have a great time, get where you need to go and are greeted with a beer when you get there!

You'll be offered three awesome local tastings and dished delectable meals to share with the lads when you arrive at the first brewery stop of the day! Eat your fill and discuss which beer was the best – we always think the first one you try tastes the best but that may just be the thirst! The best thing about this Sydney bucks package is by this stage, your buck is already patting you on the back for organising an epic beer tasting and lunch inside a brewery! But we haven’t even seen the babes yet…and there's so many more beers to go! #bestbestman.

Your private My Ultimate Bucks guide will bring you back on the bus, where you will be transported over to your second stop of the day where each lad will receive a tasting paddle with four tasty samplers to knock back! The shiny bar awaits you with many more offerings of that sweet, sweet, golden nectar too… Just down the road is your third stop – an iconic brewery where we set you up with another four tastings. You blokes truly are living the dream aren’t you…

After another trip at one of our favourite breweries – where you are more than welcome to beer it up (if you can manage it) – chill with the fellas, have some more bevvies, and savour the last minutes of your best mate's freedom. Your bus will drop you off in the centre of the city for dinner at our eclectic, rustic-style restaurant venue.

Wave goodbye to your guide and settle in with an arrival schooner so raise a glass to the man of the hour and enjoy the sophisticated atmosphere. A deliciously tender steak dinner that is cooked to absolute perfection is placed in front of you to chow down on - the portions are huge and the quality is premium!

After dinner, the second stage of your My Ultimate Bucks Night adventure: the babes! Stroll around the corner to enter your VIP booth to begin the wild night ahead! Be welcomed as one should be on a Sydney bucks party, with two bottles of beer or even something harder – your choice! Your VIP booth is perfectly positioned near the main stage so you have a great view of the continuous topless dancing by our stunning My Ultimate Bucks girls. We know you would have been taught its rude to stare… but not in this case, stare away boys. Let’s be honest, it’s impossible not to!

This classic yet cheeky Sydney bucks package really has what you need. Now all that’s left to do is contact us and we’ll do the rest! Send us an email on Our contact form or give us a call on 1300 339 734 so we can give your mate the send-off he deserves!