Established 2011

Can’t Organise a Piss Up in a Brewery?

  • Full Day Brewery Tour
  • Private Bus And Driver
  • 4 Epic Brewery Stops
  • Local Sydney Breweries
  • 3 Paddles Included
  • Brewery Feed
  • Schooner At Last Stop
  • Customise it!

Start your day off right as your private tour bus arrives to take you away to what can only be called heaven... the breweries, of course! Choose our Sydney brewery tour to visit a curated mix of micro and mainstream breweries for a classic bucks day out.

$229.00 per person, based on 15 attendees. Expecting less? Contact us.

Wanting the ultimate Sydney brewery tour? Kick off the day as your exclusive tour bus rolls up to take you to what can only be called heaven… the breweries of course! Your driver doubles as your private guide for the day- ensuring that you all have an epic time, get where you need to go and are handed a beer when you get there! Can’t organise a piss up in a brewery? Now you can!

Arriving at the first bucks beer tour stop of the day, a brewery owned by a couple of locals who live and breathe beer. They are well known in the community for their unbelievable brews, and the brewery serves as a meeting place for friends of all ages to catch up over that oh so precious substance that is beer! You’ll be taken on a tour of this marvellous brewery, before being handed thirst quenching local tastings to start this Sydney bucks party off on the right foot!

Beer always goes best with a feed, and what more could you ask for then some epic dude food to line those stomachs! Eat up and argue over which beer was best. The best thing about this Sydney brewery tour is by this stage, your best mate is already patting you on the back for organising an epic bucks party! But we’ve only just started and there’s so many more beers to go – win!

Your My Ultimate Bucks private tour guide will direct you back on the beer mobile - with the sober person in charge, we transport you over to your second stop of the day! This place is a rustic, nautically themed, fisherman-esque brewery with awesome brews that are stocked in many Sydney pubs, bars and bottle shops! It’s super trendy in that kind of old-school bearded fisherman way.  A tasting paddle with four samplers to toss back is presented to you – enjoy these tastings lads!

Just down the road is your third stop – an iconic brewery where we set you up with another four tastings. You blokes truly are living the dream, aren’t you? After another stop at one of our favourite breweries, where you are more than welcome to beer it up (if you can handle any more). Chill with the lads, have some more bevvies and enjoy these last moments with your best mate still being a free man.

Your bus will then drop you off in the heart of the city for the next phase of your Sydney bucks party adventure… complimentary entry into our hottest strip club, or trendiest nightclub perhaps? Shoot us an email on Our contact form or give us a call on 1300 339 734 so we can give your best mate the awesome send off he deserves! As for ensuring he makes it home in one piece – that’s all up to you…