Established 2011

Right On Target

The lads will love doing something different and be ripping into each other over the epic rivalries that ensue with axe throwing, and then enjoy free flowing brews at our inner city venue - this bucks send-off is right on target!

$179.00 per person, based on 12 attendees. Expecting less? Contact us.

Wanting to hit a bullseye with this truly awesome axe throwing bucks party? Go forth my good man and throw as if you are throwing at the Lumberjack World Championships. Seriously, there is a Lumberjack World Championship…how awesome is that?!

Your own exclusive axe throwing experience for your lads only is awaiting along with sharpened weapons and targets almost five metres away. Sharpened for chucking, your axes are ready to throw - as if that wasn’t enough, we surround you with Australia’s best axe-men to add to the pressure when it becomes apparent that you have no idea what you are doing – but man, is it fun.

Throw with all your might and if the axe lands in or on the innermost circle, it scores a five; the next ring is worth three; and the outer ring is a one. On the line counts as the next highest score — however no cheating lads as the marshal will out you - more than half the axe head must be on or in the line. Best of all you get to see that one mate who always kills it at every sport ever totally suck at axe throwing – which instantly makes the day a success.

Continuing on your awesome night, awaiting you is an awesome inner city venue where you are welcomed the only way one should be on a Sydney bucks night – with a beer on arrival. Walk up to the bar and grab another - the drinks don't stop flowing for the next two hours! You and the lads will be served up some deliciously filling food to keep you as well-fed as you are well-hydrated.

After a just damn brilliant day and evening for your buck – his bucks night is just kicking off as you are perfectly placed in the heart of Sydney CBD to continue your night. All that is left to do if for us to organise complimentary strip club or nightclub entry for those lads who want to kick on at Sydney’s finest.

Hit a bullseye with this truly awesome Sydney bucks party send off – the perfect combination of healthy competition, a unique activity, a top-notch dinner, free-flowing beers, awesome food and debauchery for those who want to kick on – so much win! Flick us an email on Our contact form or give us a call on 1300 339 734 so we can give your best mate the send off he deserves!