Established 2011

A to B - Axes to Babes

  • Axe Throwing
  • Private Bus
  • Round Of Drinks At Dinner
  • Pub Feed
  • VIP Booth
  • Bonus Bev for the Buck
  • Double Fantasy Strip Show
  • Lap Dance for the Buck
  • Customise it!

Want some friendly competition to get the lads going with some Sydney axe throwing? And beer? And tits? Don’t be caught off guard – be sharp, and get ready to throw some axes!

$189.00 per person, based on 14 attendees. Expecting less? Contact us.

This bucks party truly does tick all the boxes on any best man’s to do list – did we mention this package comes with two hours at our exclusive Sydney axe throwing class?! You can thank us later...

Go forth my good man and throw like you’re channelling your inner lumberjack. You and the crew will have your own exclusive axe throwing ring, where you will find your sharpened weapons waiting. Your target stands five metres away – and remember your mates are on hand to rip the buck when he lands the axe nowhere near the target. If that wasn’t enough, you’re surrounded by the best and most professional Sydney axe-men to add to the pressure when it becomes apparent you lads have no idea what you are doing – this acts as an extra incentive to actually hit something. Don’t sweat it – Sydney axe throwing is a whole lot of fun and a great laugh with the lads!

Two hours of manly-ness and it’s time to bid goodbye to your lumberjack selves to head into the city on your private bus charter, before arriving at our epic Sydney bar and restaurant. You will be shown to your reserved table in our gourmet, classic pub and treated to an awesome lads dinner. Think Australian pub favourite dinners - golden and crispy chicken schnitty or a hearty burger stuffed full with toppings! Sydney bucks night win!

After you and the lads are well-fed, stroll down the street to our hottest strip club. Continuing your night of VIP excellence, there’s a private booth reserved exclusively for your group – positioned perfectly to see the absolutely stunning My Ultimate Bucks babes performing on stage. The fun doesn't stop there - walk up to the bar and grab a drink, the first round if on us! Fancy a beer or a rum and coke? We've got it sorted for you!

Don't get too settled into your booth - one of our angels is coming to whisk you and the lads away to your private room for a show that you won't want to forget! We've handpicked the two best My Ultimate Bucks girls to perform an insane double fantasy strip show! What’s twice as good as having one of our breath-taking performers entertain your group? Having two of them. Your buck will be right in the middle of this crazy girl on girl action and will be the awesome finisher to this Sydney bucks party pleaser!

You're organising the Sydney bucks adventure idea of the year that will have friends clambering for an invite, but this bucks is only for the worthy with the chosen few on a guest list. Nobody needs to know that it was all as easy as sending us an email on Our contact form or giving us a call on 1300 339 734!