Established 2011

Axes and Ales

  • Axe Throwing
  • 3 Epic Brewery Stops
  • Brewery Feed
  • Brewery Tour
  • Local Sydney Breweries
  • Private Bus And Driver
  • Customise it!

Think you've got pretty good aim? Kick start your day by embracing your inner Viking by hurling axes at wood in our epic bucks party axe throwing session! Follow it up with an awesome Sydney brewery tour to take you to our finest breweries around the city - with tailored tastings for you to sample some of the best brews on offer! It's a winner of a day!

$259.00 per person, based on 12 attendees. Expecting less? Contact us.

What's better than a bucks party axe throwing session? How about pairing it with an epic Sydney brewery tour? My Ultimate Bucks has you covered with unique bucks party ideas to have your best mate giving you top marks for originality!

We hope you grew out your beards and/or brought your favourite flanny along because the first awesome activity today is axe throwing! Feel as strong as a lumberjack as you hurl metal through a wooden target that we swear was looking at you funny... It's just like your average Saturday night at the pub throwing a few darts around - but 100x cooler, and with a little bit more danger! But don't worry, we have Sydney's best axe-men on hand to lay down a few safety rules to ensure you don't get hit with a wayward axe thrown but that one uncoordinated mate!

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of friendly Sydney bucks party competition or laughing as your friend’s axe bounces off the wooden target, so get the scorecard out to see who wouldn't have survived in the Viking ages! Set your sites on the wooden target about 5 meters from you, and throw as hard as you can. Send that axe sailing through the air until it hits a bulls-eye - you're the man!

With the last of the splinters hitting the floor, head outside to be greeted by your epic private beer coach. But this is a special bus, this is the adult version Magic School Bus but instead of underwater it goes to the brewery - we agree, so much more epic! So, climb aboard and get your taste-buds ready for this epic Sydney brewery tour!

Find something for everyone on this awesome, guided brewery tour. With tasting paddles served to you at these award-winning breweries, you’ll get to try everything from a luxuriously heavy stout to a fruity IPA and a bit of everything in between. If you’re new to beer or just looking for something different, these breweries will be happy to help you find your taste niche and tell you a bit of history on the process. Of course, we can’t send you to multiple breweries hungry, so we’ll make sure this tour comes equipped with a classic burger and fries lunch, the perfect pairing for the beers you’ll try!

Alas this Sydney bucks party is close to being finish - your private beer coach will drop you back home. Of course, this epic Sydney bucks party doesn't have to be over! Chat to one of our professional bucks party consultants about adding complimentary nightclub or strip club entry to continue the part on into the night! Or wanting a more VIP experience? We can take it up a notch with a VIP booth and free-flowing drinks, it;'s your best mates bucks party after all!

Does a Bavarian day of axe throwing and beer sound like what you need to make the main man’s day EPIC? If so then shoot us a message at Our contact form or give us a call on 1300 339 734 and we’ll get the axes sharpened!