Established 2011

That's How It's Done Bucks Weekend

  • Overnight Accommodation
  • Axe Throwing
  • Private Bus
  • Barefoot Bowls
  • Beers At Bowls
  • Topless Waitress in Apartment
  • Ultimate Steak Dinner
  • Round Of Drinks At Dinner
  • Bonus Bev for the Buck
  • Customise it!

You know what the best part of being a best man is? That moment when everyone stands back in awe and congratulates you on an epic night and you get to stand there and say, “that’s how it’s done!” A Sydney bucks weekend away with axe throwing, lawn bowls, a topless waitress, dinner and beers to cap off the weekend to end all weekends.

$419.00 per person, based on 10 attendees. Expecting less? Contact us.

How can you pull off the ultimate Sydney bucks weekend away? A weekend away in inner-city Sydney with the perfect balance of friendly competition while throwing some sharpened steel, followed by throwing some bowls on the green, and stunning topless waitress all capped off with an awesome feed. Let us quickly summarise for you: Hotel in the city, axe throwing championship, lawn bowls, delicious food, a topless stunner, and beers. That’s how it’s done!

Say goodbye to the significant others, and head over to our den of manliness for an exclusive axe throwing championship. Honestly, this couldn’t be more male bonding if you all spontaneously grew Tom Selleck mustaches! Our professional axe-man instructor is all set to teach you the basics, then let you loose with an axe in hand and pointed at the targets – best of luck with that.

After you find the best and, of course, worst axe throwers among you, one of our private bus charters takes you to our next epic venue – lawn bowls. The grass is green, and the drinks are cold so grab your included beer, and that’s your afternoon sorted. Unleash your inner bowling champion, and redeem yourself from axe throwing. Then, it’s time to head to the city to check in to your hotel.

After the scissor, paper, rock battle for who gets the bed by the window, you hear a knock at the door, who could it be? None other than your My Ultimate Bucks angel who’s dressed appropriately for the night in nothing but tall high heels and the smallest G-string you will have ever seen! She’s here to dote on you and the lads – serving you those BYO beers you put in the fridge earlier, and paying extra special attention to the buck. What Sydney bucks night win!

On to the next mouth-watering event of the night – the food. We’ve sorted you out with a delicious steak dinner in our sought-after inner-city pub venue. Wash it down with an arrival drink and you’ve got the perfect bucks dinner - think a juicy 350g T-bone steak with lashings of your choice of sauce and sides, is your mouth watering yet?  Another win!

Take the time to relax with the lads – buy an extra round of drinks (or four) before you head just up the road to one of our hottest Sydney strip clubs or night club with our complimentary entry. Spend the night celebrating your best mate’s night of nights, or the best part is you can just stumble on back to your awaiting hotel bed – after all, it’s been a big day. Send us an email on Our contact form or give us a call on 1300 339 734 so we can give your best mate the epic Sydney bucks party send-off he deserves! That’s how it’s done!