Do It Once, Do It Right

  • Private Room
  • Topless Poker Dealer
  • Topless Waitress
  • Beverage Package
  • With Spirits
  • Private Bar Staff
  • Grazing Food Platters
  • Stretch Hummer Cruise
  • BYO In Hummer
  • Customise it!

Chauffeured stretch hummer that drops you to our exclusive bar with your own private room, to enjoy a 3 hour beverage package including spirits, and not one, but two HOT topless ladies. Your buck will be sure to feel like a king with this all-round winner of a top notch Sydney bucks party package!

$199.00 per person, based on 15 attendees. Expecting less? Contact us.

Trying to plan the ultimate VIP Sydney bucks night? Imagine this – you’re suited up and ready to party…and you tell your buck you’ve ordered the maxi taxi. A few moments later, you step outside in time to see your exclusive beast of a vehicle, full of chrome, tinted windows and wheels that look like they have been stolen from a tractor. "The cab is here” you say, ever so casually. Then BOOM! So. Much. Win.

It’s a luxury stretch hummer, privately chartered for your baller bucks party crew and it’s all decked out. Bluetooth connection, BYO facilities, laser lights, sought after upholstery with a high-tech sound and light systems. This is true head-turning mode of transport that is only suitable the big hitters of Sydney.

Dropped to the door of your very own VIP room in one of our trendiest nightclubs - while you and your crew are looking like the ultimate ballers, we present you with the envy of all beverage packages that includes 3 hours of house beer, wine and most importantly house spirits too! I promise there will be no empty bottles at the end of the night! Each lad can enjoy his favourite antipasto servings while raising a glass to your buck over and over again. Think scotch, bourbon, rum, vodka, gin - this will leave you spoiled for choice!

To make all this exclusive Sydney bucks party awesomeness complete, as you're indulging in your well deserved bevvies - in walks two of our hottest My Ultimate Bucks angels - dressed in their bucks party uniform consisting of sky high heels and the tiniest, lace G-string! Our topless stunners are here to dote on you and the lads for two whole hours! One of our sultry goddesses comes equipped with high quality poker chips and cards to host an ultimate poker tournament, while the other is ferrying around drinks for you and the lads. Bucks party heaven!

After two incredible hours, watch reluctantly as your two incredibly good looking girls re-robe and wave goodbye. Don't worry lads - the drinks are right where you left them and they're still flowing. So walk up to the bar and grab a beer or rum and coke (or three) and kick back in style as you reminisce on this bucks party full of pure bliss! All of this perfectly planned brilliance (which was all you...of course) is to ensure your best mate has the all-round-winner of a baller bucks send off he deserves. It’s all sorted. You get the glory of having done him proud!

Rest assured we take care of everything and all you need to do is raise a glass to your buck! Send us an email on Our contact form or give us a call on 1300 339 734 so we can give your best mate the send off he deserves! As for ensuring he makes it home in one piece – that’s all up to you!