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Why Book Your Melbourne Bucks Party With Us?


Well where do we begin! Here at My Ultimate Bucks we have spent years researching, testing and polishing our Melbourne bucks party packages to be the best they possibly can! Yes, it’s a hard life drinking beer and vetting beautiful girls for the lads planning a bucks night out there but it must be done! In all seriousness, we absolutely adore what we do. We live and breathe bucks parties and we have decades of experience and passion behind us. From your first enquiry with us you will realise just how much we love what we do, and how much we truly want your best mate’s bucks party Melbourne to be a success. Now if you’re still wondering why we’re the best bucks party planners in the biz we have 5 very good reasons below why you should make your Melbourne bucks party booking with My Ultimate Bucks…

We Sweat The Small Stuff For You!

An awesome Melbourne bucks night isn’t just for the man of the hour himself – just about 90% of it! We want to make sure that everyone has an epic night out, especially the organiser who put in the hard yards! Imagine trying to wrangle 15 guys into coordinating 4 different activities - have a headache yet? We keep a large stock of pain killers here at My Ultimate Bucks HQ to ensure that we handle that headache and you don’t when you make your bucks party booking with us! 

Booked a limo but miscalculated your guests and need to book a whole other car for 2 guys? Organised a private cruise only to find there’s a huge cash bond due when you arrive at the dock? Have your stripper turn up to the venue only to find 50% of the guys forgot to bring cash and she’s not leaving without it? Booked a topless waitress to surprise the buck only to find your venue has a strict no nudity policy and she’s turned away at the door – and you still have to pay! All these situations can be avoided by booking with My Ultimate Bucks! 

The most important thing that can go wrong? You book a Melbourne bucks package with some fly-by-the-night company and you turn up on the night and the venue has no idea who you are – something that will never happen with My Ultimate Bucks! 

We Have Top Notch Girls!

Our topless waitresses, poker dealers and stripper’s are the top of the line in adult entertainers and we’ve got the packages to prove it! With impressive bodies, beautiful faces and flirty personalities our My Ultimate Melbourne Bucks Babes will ensure that everyone has an awesome night – especially the buck himself! Now you wouldn’t think personality would be the most important ass-et when choosing one of our bucks babes but it definitely is! Bottom line – you can’t! Of course when you’re booking a package like The A Team Melbourne Bucks Package it’s more about the tits – FIVE sets of them to be specific – so we always ensure that these are as impressive as their personalities! 

The most important part about My Ultimate Bucks and our topless babes is transparency! We’ll never send some hottie’s picture through claiming that this will 100% be the girl you’ll receive on the night and then the woman who does attend on the night has…ah…seen better days…This is common practice in the adult entertainment industry and something that My Ultimate Bucks flat out won’t do! Of course we can take requests to fulfill all your bucks fantasies and even provide photos closer to the date for you to perve on your topless babe before the big day! So get this party started and check out our range of cheeky Melbourne Bucks Packages!

Our Melbourne Bucks Weekend Accommodation! 

It’s the age-old bucks problem all best men face at some point – that big glaring declaration No Bucks Parties Allowed! Well you’ve landed in the perfect place to ensure all the doors open for your lads to enjoy a legendary bucks weekend away – without ending up stranded on the sidewalk at 2am because the hotel found out you were a bucks party! With My Ultimate Bucks apartments and penthouse options you can enjoy a nice central location to stumble back to, large living spaces to host all your bucks party shenanigans and make sure no one has to share a bed with the groom’s boss’ cousin from Ireland they just met last night while trying to nab the same stripper’s attention… Each lucky lad has his own bed and with My Ultimate’s unlimited sleeping option you’re not stuck paying for 15 beds for only 7 guys when it comes time to cough up the dough! Don’t believe us? Well it’s all here in our Melbourne Bucks Accommodation Options for you to fact check! The best part? As My Ultimate Bucks VIP’s you’ll get to enjoy the many perks of our accommodation in our Melbourne Bucks Weekend Packages! Like being able to host 3 different busty babes in your apartment with our Fantasy of Sin Melbourne Bucks Weekend package! Hell we can even stage a kidnapping from our apartments with our Kidnap The Buck Weekend! The possibilities are endless! Minus throwing a TV out the window – then you really will find yourself on the sidewalk at 2am!

We Do All The Work – You Take All The Credit! 

This one is pretty obvious! We’ll put in the long hours ensuring that your bucks party ideas run smoothly and you can tell all the guys that it was you who pulled it off, with no help at all! Let’s face it your better half probably won’t believe you pulled off such an epic event on your own - but your mate’s definitely will! 

The Melbourne Bucks consultants here at My Ultimate Bucks are accustomed to staying in the shadows and toiling away on awesome events without credit so feel free to hide our emails and take our calls far from all your lads! It’s the hard life of a bucks party planner – but it’s what we signed up for! Why would you risk missing all those fine details when you can have us pull off the most epic bucks party ever and take all the credit!