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Why Book Your Brisbane Bucks Party With Us?


Now where shall I begin? Here at My Ultimate Bucks we have spent years researching, testing and polishing our Brisbane Bucks Party Packages to be the best they possibly can! Such a hard life sampling beers and vetting beautiful busty babes for our clients – but I guess that’s what we signed up for! In all seriousness, we live and breathe bucks parties and we have decades of experience and passion behind us. From your first enquiry with us you will realise just how much we love what we do, and how much we truly want your best mate’s Brisbane bucks party to be a success. Now if you’re still wondering why we’re the best bucks party planners in the biz we have some very good reasons to book your Brisbane bucks party booking with My Ultimate Bucks below…

Epic Brisbane Bucks Party Ideas

The first and foremost reason My Ultimate Bucks should be your first excited (and slightly panicked) call when you’re looking to make your bucks party booking! With packages to suit all kinds of bucks we can do it all from a sophisticated night out with our Whiskey Business package to a weekend of complete debauchery with our Fantasy of Sin package The best part? If you spend hours perusing our website and you just can’t find the ONE check  out our Brisbane Bucks Party Package Builder and create one from scratch! Our Brisbane bucks party planner’s love creating the perfect bucks nights for our clients and will really do everything in their power to make your best mate’s dreams come true. However, if your best mate wants to ride a dragon from the hotel to the club you’re on your own there my dear sir! 

Top Notch Bucks Night Babes

The most important part of a bucks night right? RIGHT! My Ultimate Bucks has spent years vetting gorgeous girls to ensure our client’s get the best of the best – a hard life we know! We only work with the best in the adult entertainment industry and will never promise you a Ferrari and deliver a…let’s say broken down Honda. 

All our girls come with impressive bodies and the perfect personality to entertain a group of lads. Now you wouldn’t think personality would be a deciding factor when booking bucks party babes – but how would you pull off a package like our Knock Knock – Kidnap The Buck with a woman who can’t crack a smile? You can’t. Topless waitresses, topless poker dealers, fantasy strip shows – we’ve even got Dominatrix’s if you’re really looking for a great bucks night! If your buck has his heart set on some incredible topless ladies for his bucks night, may I recommend The A Team package…

We Do The Work And You Take The Credit

Think of your mate’s, yes all of them – now do you want to be trying to co ordinate all those lads and 4 different events at the same time? We didn’t think so! Getting guys to commit, deciding on an activity, wrangling money for many different deposits, emailing & calling back and forth to a multitude of different companies, trying to cram everything in and make timing work – ending with you sporting some new grey hairs for the bucks night! 

Here at My Ultimate Bucks we organise everything you need down to the smallest detail – except for the guys you’re on your own for that one! We’ll make sure your night runs smooth from start to finish and we’re happy to sit back, relax and let you take all the credit! My Ultimate Bucks gals are used to toiling away in the shadows while you enjoy an epic bucks party and all the glory of being crowned best man of the year. And of course, we’ll be there when you’re inevitably asked to do it all over again! 

We Sweat The Small Stuff - So You Don't Have Too!

Planning an epic bucks party always takes a lot more work than you’re expecting! With a team of dedicated professionals here at My Ultimate Bucks we’re committed to ensuring that every little detail is covered for your Brisbane bucks night! What happens if you hire a 12 seater limousine 6 months before the event and 2 weeks out you actually have 16 guests? What if you book a 3 bedroom apartment for 6 guys and 7 turn up? Hired a private room and a stripper only to  find out the venue you hired doesn’t have an adult licence? These are all the itty-bitty details My Ultimate Bucks sweats about so you don’t have too! 

Brilliant Brisbane Bucks Accommodation

It’s the age-old dilemma of hosting an unforgettable bucks party – where are you going to crash? No one wants to go home and wake up the missus and every attempt to book accommodation has been met with the "No Bucks Parties Allowed” warning. Well My Ultimate Bucks is here to help! Our flagship Brisbane Bucks Accommodation Options are precisely what every best man needs when planning a bucks weekend away! Centrally located, with spacious living spaces and our epic unlimited sleeping option means that all your guests are guaranteed a bed of their own and a place to host some cheeky fun if you like!  

If your buck is looking for an absolute baller of a weekend check out our Brisbane Bucks Party packages! Don’t risk ending up stranded on the sidewalk or having to pretend you’re a corporate group checking in on a Saturday afternoon – as My Ultimate Bucks as a wingman the world is your oyster!