What Bucks Party Sydney Stripper Option Is Perfect For Your Buck?

So it's your best mates Sydney Bucks Party and of course you need to include some eye candy - obviously. How to choose the perfect Sydney Bucks Night entertainment to give him (and the lads attending) the night of their lives? With so many choices, we thought we'd give you a headsup on which bucks night strip show options will suit your buck best - so buckle up boys whilst we take you on a walk down stripper lane...

The Conservative Buck:

He will tell you no strippers are the best kind. Obviously, he is wrong. But if you want him to feel like a true buck, without him disowning you as a friend… we recommend a topless waitress, topless poker dealer, or if you want to push his boundaries a little; a simple and cheeky strip to nude! He won’t know what to do with himself, the poor guy; but god it will give you guys a laugh that’s for sure.

The Prankster Buck:

So, he got you BAD at your stag night last year with the wicked bucks prank he pulled by getting together his lads and… actually you know what, it probably isn’t even safe to say in this article if I want to keep my job. Moving on. You want to get him back for it right? A Dominatrix show is just what you need. Think whips, hot wax and a playful dose of Bucks Night humiliation in front of all the lads. Sorry not sorry mate. 

The Dirty Buck:

He’s the guy who taught you what strippers were when you were in grade 3, the guy with a lifetime subscription to Porn Hub and a huge collection of sex toys you wish you never saw when you were innocently having a few beers at his house. Ew. His bucks night package is going to need something dirty AF in the most brilliant way *cue our XXX stripper*… This bucks show isn’t for the easily shocked – it’s as dirty as they come with full use of her favourite toys and special attention for the buck of course. He might just decide to marry YOU instead after organizing this.

The Wolf of Wall Street Buck:

He is a man with expensive tastes, who wants to go out with a bang. He parties hard and has literally requested ‘a shit ton of girls’ for his epic send-off. Start him off simply in the afternoon with a couple of bucks night topless waitresses and bucks night topless poker dealers to ferry around beers and keep the lads well entertained. Later in the evening, the girls will put on quite the show… think girl on girl, on girl, on girl. More the merrier right? Double fantasy, triple fantasy or even quadruple fantasy show if you reckon he can handle it! Check out our mega popular ‘Fantasy of Sin Weekend’ bucks party package if this sums up your best mate.

The Buck Who’s Seen It All: 

He’s been to plenty of buck’s parties in his time; a seasoned stag man if you will. You don’t want to bring in the classic bucks party stripper – something he’s seen time and time again, cause where’s the fun in the mundane? It’s time to get a little creative, and we think our Soapy Bath Show is right up his alley. She comes equipped with her own blow up kiddie pool, a skimpy bikini and loads of soap suds – I think you know where this is going. If he’s got a sweet tooth, a strawberries and cream show might be just what he needs too… we’ll let you make the call.

The Funny Buck:

An absolute crack-up and a legend on the piss. You knew from the moment he asked you to be best man that you needed some sort of hilarious experience to go down at his buck’s night, but you can’t think of a god damn thing! We got you. Consider this; An absolute stunning bucks night stripper arrives at the door, gives a cheeky show and strips down. She suddenly ties up the buck’s hands with rope, blindfolds the poor guy, and has all you lads carry him outside. He has no clue where the hell he is headed but he knows he is in for a good time. Chuck your mate in a limo or hummer and cruise around, feeding him beer after beer whilst blasting tunes as he is laughing hysterically, still tied up. At your next location, have another one of our topless babes be the one to untie him! It’s a classic ‘Kidnap the Buck’ experience that has been successfully pulled off by Best Men around the country for years.

Achieving Perfection is Easy with My Ultimate Bucks

Here at My Ultimate Bucks we do Sydney bucks parties differently. We take the time and effort to understand exactly what kind of guy your buck is and work with the best man to pull off the personalised bucks party experience that he truly deserves! So get browsing our bucks party ideas or get chatting with our My Ultimate Sydney Bucks Team today, on 1300 339 734 about your legend of a best mate! We will take care of all the hard work leaving the only tough decision to you … Triple fantasy or strawberries and cream show? F*ck it – give him a Dominatrix. Best man, Job done.