We Love our Gold Coast Bucks!

We Love the Gold Coast!

Because why not?! Whether you’re local boys looking for a brilliant bucks package close to home or you’re from one of our other awesome cities looking for an epic Gold Coast bucks weekend away we’ve got so many legendary ideas to choose from! The Gold Coast is Australia’s party central so where better to celebrate your best mate’s bucks night in style?! We can do everything from your classic paintball packages right through to epic jet boating on crystal blue waters! So, grab a cold bevvie and explore the top reasons why the Gold Coast should be your first stop on the bucks party planning train! 

It's Party Central Over Here

The Gold Coast is known as party central all over Australia and for good reason! Surfer’s Paradise is the beating heart of the Coast and boasts some of the most epic pubs & clubs around. Coupled with white sandy beaches & pristine waters it’s pretty easy to see why loads of bucks choose to celebrate their bucks night on the Gold Coast! With all out baller packages like the Ultimate Bucks Club Crawl and our Feels Like A Million Bucks you can’t go wrong throwing an incredible bucks night! You can soak up the atmosphere of our epic Gold Coast bucks party venues or hole up in your room with some busty babes with our Fantasy of Sin Gold Coast Bucks Weekend – your choice! 

Bucks Party Packages Gold Coast, Packages and MORE Packages

The Gold Coast has one of the largest ranges of bucks party packages in the My Ultimate Bucks repertoire! With so many epic activities on hand it’s hard to not want to cram as much as you physically can into one day! Like cramming 5 topless waitresses in one room like in The A Team package! But in all seriousness, with so many legendary bucks party activities in one place it’s basically a playground! From our Seven Deadly Sins package to our Extreme Dream package that includes helicopter transfers, jet boating, go karting AND a bucks night dinner! Talk about cramming it in – that’s what she said… The best part? If it’s not already a My Ultimate Bucks package just build a package from scratch with our create your own bucks party page! 

Absolutely Epic Bucks Accommodation

Well Surfer’s Paradise is the heart of party central so we dropped you right into the thick of it! Where else can you have brilliant ocean views from your bucks Bachelor pad and a private balcony for afternoon bevs? We couldn’t think of anywhere either don’t worry… Our flagship Gold Coast accommodation is the only way to stay on the coast - with spacious rooms, a bed for every one to crash in and our awesome unlimited sleeping option! Of course, if you’re looking to go all out for your best mate’s bucks weekend check out our Gold Coast Bucks Weekend Accommodation Options! Treat your buck like the king that he is! 

An All Around Good Time for All

No matter what kind of buck your best mate is we’ve got something for him! From our Get Hooked package for our beer drinking fisherman to our Epic Yacht Bucks Weekend for the lads who want to live large we’ve got it all! Buck is more of an adrenaline junkie? Excellent! We can even cater for the more mature buck in your friend group who wants something a little suaver than your average Gold Coast bucks night! Whiskey never tasted better with our Whiskey Business package! Think your buck is a little too out there for us? Just ask, you never know what we’ll come up with! 

The Classic Bucks Ideas Done Right!

There’s classic bucks party ideas and then there’s classic bucks party ideas done Gold Coast style! Why just do a private bucks cruise when you can sail some Australia’s most incredible waterways with our Boat, Beer, Boobs Private Bucks Cruise?! Why go on your average brewery tour when you can tour through the Gold Coast hinterland with our Can’t Organise a Piss Up in a Brewery package?! Why hit up your standard go karting track when you can race around Australia’s fastest go karting track in our Prix to Party package?! When planning a Gold Coast bucks party – whether it be crazy unique or a classic bucks night package you can be rest assured that it will be an epic experience for all the guys! 

So, give your best mate the ultimate bucks party on the Gold Coast! With so many epic bucks night ideas right at the doorstep of Australia’s best nightlife it’s a no brainer why the Gold Coast is the best place to celebrate! Contact us now to start planning a brilliant Gold Coast bucks party!