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Unique Sydney Bucks Party Ideas

Let’s get this party started! Here at My Ultimate Bucks, we really do live and breathe Sydney bucks nights! We are hella passionate about what we do and about making sure that your best mate has a seriously brilliant send off into married life. Of course we have tonnes of popular and classic bucks party packages and options with the usual suspects, tried and tested activities like paintball, golf, Sydney harbour cruises, go karting and whiskey tasting – all solid choices!

Your best mate is unique and his bucks party package should be too! So why not mix it up by swapping in some awesome unique bucks party ideas to celebrate with the lads – here are our top picks for our most unique Sydney bucks night activities and ideas, so that you can truly blow this bucks out of the water – woohoo!

Our List of Unique Bucks Party Ideas in Sydney

Take It To The Air

Want to go all out on a completely, insanely awesome splurge? Imagine your mate thinking he is going out for a beer with the lads for his bucks – only for you us to drive you all to our airfield where a fleet of choppers are waiting to spring you into the air for a beer with the best view over Sydney you’ve ever seen! Talk about a brew with a view! Your private fleet of My Ultimate bucks party helicopters will tour you through the sky like rockstars, as you snap selfies in the air overlooking the iconic Sydney harbour, opera house and bridge. Talk about a once in a lifetime experience that none of the lads will forget in a hurry! An awesome option to splurge with just the groomsman before the rest of the bucks kicks off, or go all out and have the whole group of lads take to the skies in honour of your best mate getting hitched. Check out our Extreme Dream Sydney Bucks Package for inspo and ideas..and prepare to lift off in true ultimate bucks style.

Get Your Viking On

If you are looking for a unique Sydney bucks party idea, how about unleashing your inner viking warriors with a bucks night axe throwing competition? We get you all revved up in your own private axe throwing rink, where we teach you how to pelt axes at full speed into a target - it's like darts you would play at a pub on roids! Nothing like a bit of healthy competition on the bucks party to get everyone bonding, laughing and hanging it on each other when the axe lands no where near the bullseye - and often you get to see that one bloke who is just good at everything totally fail at this which makes it even more sweet! Our My Ultimate Bucks axe throwing packages are entertaining and all inclusive - so check our our Sydney Bucks Night Got Wood Package, our epic Right On Target Axe Throwing Bucks Party, and our That's How It's Done Axe Throwing Bucks Weekend to get it sorted today!


Now we know what you are thinking "Yeah hate to break it to you My Ultimate Bucks gals, Poker on a bucks night is not unique" - well, think again! That is because you haven't played Sydney bucks night poker My Ultimate style! Sure, the cards, chips and need for a poker face is all the same - what we have done differently is add in all manner of bucks night package ideas! For example, one of our hot as hell busty babes who arrives fully clothed and does a sultry strip tease and removes an item of clothing each time the buck wins a hand - it's like the hottest game of strip poker you will ever play, and she's the only one taking her kit off! And not to worry...if the buck is a crap poker player, we will still make sure she get's where she needs to go for your lads viewing pleasure! Or how about combining the humble poker tournament with free flowing spirits, topless waitresses ferrying around lit dude food and a topless croupier dealing up your game? Poker in a penthouse overlooking the nightlights of Sydney, a floating casino vibe with one of our Sydney bucks night poker cruises - the possibilities with My Ultimate Bucks are endless, and guarantee you a winner of a bucks night no matter which option you choose! Check out our High Roller Buck With Topless Lady Lucks Bucks Package, the Ultimate Bucks Sydney Perfect Pair Poker Package, and our Fantasy Of Sin Sydney Bucks Weekend to pick your poison and show your bet mate the best bucks party of all time! 

Solve A Mystery

Escape room bucks party packages will get all of the lads bonding, clue hunting and enjoying doing something unique - all winning reasons to book one! Even better, kicking off the bucks party with a challenging escape room will have all the lads having broken the ice ready to celebrate the rest of the evening. After getting your inner sherlock holmes out, we have options for a top notch steak dinner with the lads overlooking the Harbour, or to head into a detective den with topless waitresses, free flowing drinks and awesome dude food to boot! Whichever way you look at it, it is no mystery to see why adding in an escape room to your Sydney bucks party is a brilliant idea! Check out our fun Booze Clues Sydney Bucks Package! You can even make a great bucks weekend of it with some barefoot bowls and beers for a chilled bucks party with our Great Bucks Escape package

Get Your ATV On

Time to tear it up on a quad bike to celebrate your best mate tying the knot! Get out into nature and behind the wheel of one of our ultimate bucks ATV's, where you can put pedal to the metal as you race through bush tracks, creek crossings and dirt patches - this one isn't for the faint of heart! The selfies and memories are priceless, and it's something so many lads have wanted to do for so long - so a Sydney bucks party is the perfect excuse to get the blokes together and finally make it happen! Combine getting down and dirty on our bucks quad biking activity with suiting up for a surf and turf dinner, hitting Sydney harbour on a private yacht, or heading back to your Sydney bucks weekend accommodation to have a topless stunner serve you beer - and that is only some of the ideas we have! Check out our Mad Bucks Sydney Bucks ATV Package with quad biking, dinner and lingerie babes...or our full throttle Definition Of Epic Sydney Bucks that combines quad biking with bush laser skirmish! There is also our ATV Of A Sydney Bucks Package which includes all of your transport too - so much win! 

With so many epic Sydney bucks party packages to choose from, it's lucky you have the My Ultimate Bucks gals on your side to be your ultimate wingman! We can do all of the work, and you can take all of the credit! We are all about making sure that your best mate has a bucks party package that goes down in history as a truly awesome night - so leave the details to us and all you need to do is rock up and receive pats on the back from all of the lads! Still not sure which path to travel? No worries! We have lots of create your own bucks party ideas and packages, and if you let us know your budget and how many lads you are expecting, we can put together options for you to save you the hassle. We are 100% here for your unique bucks party ideas and can't wait to show you just how passionate we are about making sure you are remembered as the best best man of all time!