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Unique Gold Coast Bucks Party Ideas

Our List of Unique Bucks Party Ideas on the Gold Coast

You Catch Em’ You Keep ‘Em

The ultimate bucks day out for your best mate who is just a mad fisherman! There’s nothing like spending the day out on the open water (hopefully) reeling in some impressive catches and sinking beers with the boys! All our vessels are fully equipped with all the bait, tackle and gear you need to reel in a winner! Our BYO friendly vessel means that you can bring along all your best mate’s favourite beers and really spoil him! We can even have a topless waitress on board if you’d like to add some cheekiness to this awesome bucks party idea – or check out our Hook, Line and Sinner package! And if topless babes aren’t really on the list for the bucks night check out our King Fisher…Fishing, Beer, Dinner package for your buck! Catching a monster fish on your bucks party? The ultimate win! 

It’s a Race to the Finish Line Lads

One that your mate’s have definitely not thought of yet! Spend the day soaking up the sun, maybe putting on a cheeky bet and just spending time with the lads before the big day! Race days are something everyone looks forward to during the year and what way to make it even more epic than combining it with your bucks party! With your admission covered and food taken care of your guaranteed to have a brilliant bucks day out with the guys! We can personalise any of our packages to include an epic bucks race day or check out Ultimate Bucks Race Day package or even our Turf, Track & Tits package! You’re always guaranteed a winner with My Ultimate Bucks’ packages! 

Prank the Buck – An Oldie With New Kick

Now everyone loves a good prank the buck scenario but here at My Ultimate Bucks we REALLY love to prank our bucks! We still love a good old kidnap the buck prank just like our Knock Knock! Kidnap the Buck package but we also love to take it further! Why not strap your buck to a pole and pummel him with a fireman’s hose? Why not trick him into thinking he’s going to an epic, manly activity and take him to a cheeky pole dancing session? We even have cheeky dominatrix shows to test the buck’s limits and you really want to torture him (gently of course) on his bucks night. That’s the price you pay for getting married!

Sky High With Your Buck

Let’s take this to the skies with our epic bucks helicopter rides! There’s nothing more awesome than giving your buck the James Bond treatment with your own private helicopter tour over the Gold Coast’s iconic scenery! Hence why we created our If I Was Bond package – was kind of a no brainer! Of course, helicopters aren’t just for the suave sophisticated man – it’s for the thrill seekers too! There really is no better feeling than flying high up over golden sands and crystal blue waters. If your buck is a true adrenaline junkie check out our The Honour In a Challenge package to really give him an unforgettable Gold Coast bucks party! 

Escape is Impossible – Or Is It?

This one is for all the bucks out there who never knew they loved mysteries until their soon to be Mrs forced them to watch every true crime doco ever! If you want to do something really different for your best mate’s bucks party why not lock him in one of our epic escape rooms? With codes, clues and locks to discover and solve it’s a truly unique Gold Coast bucks night idea that everyone will wonder how you thought of yourself! Pair it with some topless babes like our Colonel Mustard, In The Dining Room, With The Waitress package or check out the awesome Booze Clues package for a brilliant night of food and bevvies. Escape those boring bucks party ideas with our Gold Coast escape room packages! 

So what are you waiting for? Get exploring all our unique Gold Coast bucks party packages now! Your buck will be patting you on the back for a pulling off a brilliant bucks party and secretly wondering how you came up with such a brilliant idea! All on your own for sure... My Ultimate Bucks is always happy to stick to the shadows and let you take the credit for an unforgettable bucks party! And, hey, if you saw something you loved but we don't have a package that suits you - create your own bucks party! We can personalise our packages with a wide range of unique bucks party ideas to ensure your bucks night is truly unforgettable.