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Unique Brisbane Bucks Party Ideas

Well let’s kick this celebration off with a bang shall we?! Here at My Ultimate Bucks we’re all about giving bucks the send off they deserve before they take that big plunge. Of course, there are the classic bucks nights ideas like paintball, go karting, clay shooting and brewery tours that are the tried and true staples. But here we’re all about pushing that envelope a little further with our range of unique bucks party ideas! 

We’ve got the best selection of unique Brisbane bucks ideas for that one mate who just seems a little bit different to the others! Give that weirdo mate of yours a brilliant bucks night that will make him truly proud to have you as best man! The guys will also thank you for not strapping them into a go kart for what seems like the 1000th time! So if you need a little (or a lot) of info on how to pull off the perfect yet unique Brisbane bucks party – read on my good man! 

Our List of Unique Brisbane Bucks Party Ideas

The Super Soaker

What’s better than strapping your best mate’s into a speeding jet boat and listening to them scream? Doing it on one of Brisbane’s best waterways! This isn’t just your run of the mill river jet boating experience – we take you on a white-knuckle ride through Moreton Island’s pristine waters! With figure 8’s, fishtails, 360 degree spins and wave jumps at speeds up to 80kms/hr the guys will be living their extreme dreams with our Brisbane jet boating experience! Now, of course if you’re heading to Moreton Island we wouldn’t organise a brilliant bucks jet boat ride and no way to get out there! We include your ferry tickets, day passes and even a lunch voucher to use at the resort’s best bars & restaurants! Want to know what soothes a throat hoarse from screaming? A cold, cold beer that’s what! Spend the day exploring the island and it’s awesome bars before it’s back to Brisvegas for the rest of your bucks party shenanigans! We can pair this epic day out with a debaucherous bucks night.

A Once in a Lifetime Experience…

There’s one thing that’s on every bucks bucket list – skydiving! Show your best mate that you truly love him by throwing him out of plane at 14,000 feet and watching him hurtle towards the ground! If you’re looking for a unique Brisbane bucks activity then this is the one. Something that not many lads can say they’ve done but all say they want too. With award winning instructors on hand and only the best of the best equipment you’re guaranteed a wild ride and a safe landing with My Ultimate Bucks’ skydiving professionals. You’ll take in spectacular views of Queensland’s incredible coastline as you climb to jumping altitude – with every guy basically jumping out of his skin with excitement. Once at cruising altitude it’s time to suck it up and jump into a freefall – with speeds reaching 200kms/hr as you hurtle towards the earth. This truly is Brisbane’s premier bucks sky diving experience – with everything taken care of for you by My Ultimate Bucks. All you have to do is show up and jump! 

Solving Mysteries & Sinking Beers

What about that mate who you REALLY don’t know what kind of bucks night he would like? Just lock him in a room and throw away the key! We kid…kind of. Our Brisbane escape rooms are the perfect way to get all the guys bonding over something a bit different and undeniably fun! We throw your bucks party in a room full of codes to crack, clues to solve and riddles to decipher – and put 60 minutes on the clock to really make it hard! The most fun you’ll get out of it? Watching your mate who seems to always have the answer to everything – literally not have the answer! With so many awesome activities in Brisbane it’s sometimes good to pick one that has minimal physical components – so you’re still prepped and ready for the long bucks night ahead! There’s just no better reward for breaking out of an escape room than a cold brew awaiting you! Of course, if you like your mystery solving with a side of eye candy our Colonel Mustard, In The Dining Room With The Waitress is an incredible night out for all the lads! 

Sushi!...Wait What?! 

Forget the sushi train – here at My Ultimate Bucks we eat our sushi of a smoking hot naked woman! Every Friday, it’s like casual Friday’s but better… Nyotaimori is the art of laying out expertly crafted sushi rolls over a naked woman and eating your fill – the perfect way to kick off a Brisbane bucks night we think! Do you really think you’ll ever get to experience this again? We didn’t think so! This awesome bucks party idea is exclusive for our Brisbane buck’s so you can rest assured you’re giving your best mate the ultimate in unique bucks nights! Pair this spectacular option with a round of barefoot bowls, clay shooting or even just a whole bunch of basically naked ladies as seen in our Sushi & Stunners – With Naked Sushi Experience! Feed the lads and get in a brilliant perve at the same time – what more could you want for an unforgettable Brisbane bucks night! 

That ATV Life

It’s the most fun you’ll have on 4 wheels! Not only can you see Moreton Island from the water here at My Ultimate Bucks but we’ll also throw you on a quad bike and let you tear up the dunes with our epic ATV’s! It’s such an awesome bucks party idea that oh so often gets overlooked but with scenery like this how could you? You’ll be lead on a rip roaring 45 minute tour of Moreton Island’s incredible bush & dune pathways – try and take in the sights as you zip past them at incredible speeds. We’ve got all your gear covered and professionals on hand to ensure no man flips an quad biking flying up a dune – you break it you pay for it lads! With every other bucks party stuck with plain old boring bush tracks why wouldn’t you take advantage of Brisbane’s unique quad biking experience! Make a day out with the lads with our ATV of a Bucks – Epic Quad Biking package or turn it into a weekend away with our Rip Roaring Bucks Weekend – With ATV’s. Either way you’ll be going down in history as the ultimate best man! 

With so many unique Brisbane bucks party packages to choose from you just can’t go wrong with My Ultimate Bucks on your side! We’ll put in the hard yards so you can sit back and celebrate your mate’s bucks in style – safe in the knowledge that the guys haven’t done this a million times over! Leave all the pesky logistics, planning and details to us – because the organiser needs to have a ball too! If you really want to blow it out of the water with unique bucks party ideas, chat to us about personalising a package for you! You can even create your own bucks package to ensure that this Brisbane bucks party is definitely like no other!