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Top 10 Adventure Bucks Night Ideas

No idea is too big or too crazy for the My Ultimate Bucks team! Stuck for awesome Adventure Bucks ideas? Don’t worry, that’s why we handpicked 10 of our favourite adventure-filled bucks party activities below! Have a look and decide which one best suits your Buck!

#5 is our fave here in the My Ultimate Bucks Party HQ- it’s just so. godamn. epic.

1. Quad Biking

Carve up those open trails, motoring through purpose built quad biking tracks with punishing trails, plenty of technical challenges, getting saturated over water crossings- the lot! Quad biking is a great balance between adventure & enjoyment. It can be as exhilarating or as tame as you’d like- this way all the boys can enjoy the party (even the wusses who didn’t want to skydive). We have plenty of different quad biking options here at My Ultimate Bucks - browse through our endless list of bucks night packages to find the perfect one for your Buck!

2. Exhilarating Rap Jumping

It’s time to defy gravity with the stupidly-awesome idea of Building Jumping. The My Ultimate Bucks Team will strap you in, give you a few ropes to tie the closest pole, and wish you the best of luck while you scale the side of a seven story building. Just kidding (not kidding). For the Groom, the stress of the Wedding will be nothing in comparison to the stress he’s feeling now- so think of it as a favour for your buck! Now quickly- sign your life away, strap yourself in and set up that GoPro as you take a very short walk down a verrrryyyy tall building…

3. Lamborghini & Ferrari Supercar Drives

Spend the day in the supercars driver’s seat; strap yourself in and slam that pedal to the metal! No traffic lights, no rush hour - just you, and a luxurious Lamborghini Gallardo or Ferrari 360 Modena on the rolling open roads. Don’t miss the opportunity to get some photos with your dream car and send it your better half to let her know about the ‘new family car’. Remember, the My Ultimate Bucks Lambo & Ferrari packages ain’t just a joy ride - it is actual behind the wheel driver action. Sign me up! It’s a bucks party he will never forget!

4. Pedal to the Metal Go Karting

To keep the 4 wheeled theme going... we present you to Bucks Night Go Karting! The wind through your (helmet) hair, private track for your bucks party only and the opportunity for some hilarious podium awards. Such a great way to kick off your Epic Bucks Party Package!

5. Helicopter- Bond, James Bond.

I mean, the title says it all doesn’t it!? You’re doing life right if you’re in a helicopter on your Bucks Night. Like royalty, enjoy a scenic flight above the city surrounded by your closest mates. When you land the party’s just getting started; the My Ultimate Bucks Party team can definitely tee-up a martini, or three- ‘shaken, not stirred’.

6. Axe Throwing

This one is definitely an unlikely candidate for an adventure filled Bucks Party Package. But trust us, axe throwing is on the list for a reason- s##t gets real, suuuuper quick. There’s no easier way to feel like a jacked, testosterone filled male, than casually chucking some axes around for the afternoon. Go forth my good man, throw as if you are throwing at the Lumberjack World Championship! Best of all you get to see that one mate who thinks he’s a superstar every sport ever totally suck at Axe throwing – which instantly makes the Bucks day a success.

7. Clay Shooting

Suns out, guns out. Spend the day proving your manliness- or quite the opposite... There’s always one in the group that is rubbish at shooting, if by the end of the day you’re unsure who it is- it’s you. Try your best to hit as many clay pigeon targets as you can- no tampering with the score sheets either!! This bucks night send-off is right on target!

8. 4x4 Desert Safari Tour

How does a 4x4 epic adventure, sand tobogganing, beach sports, an awesome lunch with the boys in a beautiful beer garden sound? Looks like the perfect Bucks Party Idea if you ask us!! Buckle in and get ready to take on an insane 4x4 track. Hold on to your grab handles, boys- you’re in for a bumpy ride! Along the way you can also find a sand dune of your choice- give your Buck a sandboard and gently push him off the top! Make him fall face first into the best Bucks Party ever!

9. Jet Boating

Your heart rate will increase dramatically during this one- trust us! Better hold on tight boys, with speeds of up to 80 km/h and plenty of heart racing manoeuvres such as figure 8’s, tail slides and 360 degree spins, you won’t know what’s hit you! Watch your Buck squirm, while he loses his stomach from the adrenaline! Bucks Party Win!

10. Sky Diving - Chuck the Buck!

We’re ending on a high with this one…… get it? I mean- being able to throw your Buck out of an aeroplane… Try and name a better way to start your Bucks Party- I’ll wait… This Ultimate Bucks Party is definitely a case of ‘two birds with one stone’. You can tick skydiving off your bucket list AND be part of an absolutely epic Bucks Party. Tick- tick! If you’ve got the balls to do it, this is one Bucks Party you won’t forget!

We Make Diving into Adventure Easy 

We are obviously extremely passionate about our Bucks Parties here at the My Ultimate Bucks HQ… We are able to make all the ideas above come to life through our Bucks Weekend and Bucks Night packages listed on our website. Have a browse and see if we have created a package perfectly suited to your Buck. But - don’t stress if we haven’t! All of our Bucks Party packages can be tweaked and personalised for each individual party. Have questions? Give us a call on 1300 339 734 or drop us an email, we love working closely with our boys to create the Bucks party you’ve always dreamed of!

Updated 26/03/2023