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Tips for Booking Bucks Accommodation!

Top Tips For Booking Bucks Night Accommodation!

The biggest rookie move ever – paying a heap for bucks night accommodation for yourself and the lads, at a place that doesn’t allow bucks nights. Step out of line, and you boys will be outta there quicker than you can say ‘there’s a tiger in the bathroom’.  Second biggest rookie move ever – going OTT on the apartment (think luxe $6000 a night penthouse) and thinking you’ll even be sober enough to appreciate it… yeah good luck with that! By the time you stumble home from the bucks night out, you’ll be searching for the nearest thing that resembles a bed, and at that point, a rusty old couch and a deluxe king suite feel just about the same. Read on, for top tips to avoiding Bucks night accommodation fails.

3 Bucks Night Accommodation Tips


Booking with a hotel/airbnb/your uncle’s house that doesn’t allow bucks nights. You might be thinking,  "but there is no accommodation that allows bucks nights!” and you are pretty much spot on… So booking through a bucks night company like My Ultimate Bucks is your golden ticket into bucks friendly accommodation! We have done the impossible, and sourced our incredible hotels and apartments that are willing to forget everything they thought they knew about bucks for whatever nights you need to stay. You’re welcome! So don’t try and risk it at the airbnb (you’ll end up with a 0 star review) or sneak the boys into the hotel undetected… as you’ll end up sleeping in your car, with a load of regret and a very sore back.


Overspending is another common error when it comes to bucks night accommodation. Many guys will book a fancy-pants penthouse, without considering the fact that they only really will be coming back to the room to sleep! Perhaps you get to enjoy the room for two hours of pre-drinks before you head out for the fun bucks night antics, but is it really worth the per night price just for that?  You want to try and find the happy medium between a reasonable price and still class and comfort – which we have done for you. Our Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne bucks hotels and apartments are suave, cosy, and spacious. With full sized living spaces and kitchens, rooms for all the lads and a reasonable price per night, you’ll be kicking yourself that you booked the damn penthouse a couple years back at Jimmy’s bucks that you didn't get to enjoy.


Booking enough rooms for the guys who say they are coming… because sure enough, as the day ticks closer, they start dropping like flies. The hardest thing is to know how many rooms to book, when you know some of the lads can’t be trusted to come even after they say "yeah man I’ll be the for sure!”.  The easiest way to combat this - book through My Ultimate Bucks. When you book with us, we grab your rough estimated numbers, and secure enough rooms for how many you invited. When the time rolls around to finalise numbers (which is only 2 weeks out from your event) chances are, your list of lads who actually followed through and paid you to come, are a lot less. The cool thing about us? It’s not a problem at all! We get rid of any excess rooms and only charge you for the exact number of guys attending the bucks night, sorting out the room configuration so that you don’t have to. Ahhh, can you believe it’s that simple?

The best bucks night accommodation is the one that is the most simple to organise. When it allows bucks groups, is affordable, comfortable, suave and doesn’t leave you footing the huge bill after your buck’s mates drop out – that is when you know you have found the one. Call us at My Ultimate Bucks on 1300 339 734 to chat all about our bucks party accommodation options with our bucks party gurus, and consider it sorted!

We offer the ultimate in bucks party ideas so get started by booking bucks party Melbourne, Bucks party Sydney, Bucks Party Gold Coast & more at My Ultimate Bucks today!