The Ultimate Groom Prank

You would never prank your best mate so close to his wedding day, would you? Sure you would. In fact, it is your right and privilege to prank the buck. So, what’s a good groom prank that you play during a bucks party on a soon to be groom? At My Ultimate Bucks we know a few pranks, so read on to learn more.

The Ultimate Groom Prank for the Ultimate Buck

Before we get into the nitty gritty of these groom pranks, we’ve got to establish some gentlemanly rules of good conduct. When performing a groom prank be sure not to do anything that will permanently injure the buck or to get the buck arrested. You also want to make sure not to do anything that will make his appearance look grossly offensive on his wedding day, so no Mike Tyson face tattoos or reverse mohawks. Other than that, any prank is fair game. Here’s a list of some pranks that we are particularly fond of.

One Eyebrow Shaved

This prank is going to require the buck to pass out. If the buck is not a big drinker then you’re going to have to wait until he falls asleep and hope that he’s a heavy enough sleeper to not be woken by having one of eyebrows shaved off. That’s right – in this prank you shave off one eyebrow while the buck is asleep or passed out. The genius of this prank is not in the shaving of the one eyebrow (which is extremely funny in its own right). No, what makes this prank great is that the buck is going to have to make a choice as to going on with a single-eyebrowed lopsided face, or shaving the other one off himself. It’s a hilarious lose-lose for the buck with no real harm done.

The Old Handcuffed to a Gorilla Gag

What’s that? You say you’ve never heard of this gag before? It’s simple really. You hire someone, a starving actor or a starving college student, to dress up in a gorilla costume and be handcuffed to the groom for the remainder of the evening. How you go about actually getting the buck and the gorilla handcuffed together is up to you, but a bucks party is full of the buck’s mates who can surly overpower the buck to force the handcuffing. Then the gorilla has to go everywhere with the buck, even to the restroom. This gag is especially good at strip clubs, when it’s funny to see who gets more attention from the ladies, the buck or the gorilla.

Blow Up Doll Date

You’re going to need to get the staff of the bucks party venues involved in this one. The evening starts as the bucks party members introduce the buck to his date for the evening – a blow up sex doll. The doll can be dressed or undressed, it’s up to you. The buck then has to carry the doll around for the whole evening. If the buck tries to go somewhere with out his inflatable date, then the staff at the bar or nightclub will simply refuse him service for mistreating his date in such a way. We mentioned having to contact the venue ahead of time to pull off this prank, and at My Ultimate Bucks we can help you with that when we set up and plan your mate’s bucks night.

The Bridge Club

Don’t tell the buck about any of the plans you made for the evening, but make sure he is pumped and excited about what he expects to be a night of general fun and mayhem. Get the buck in the car and keep pumping him up by telling him how wild the night is going to be. Then the car stops, everyone gets out and enters a building where seniors are playing bridge or doing some other lame activity. Yes, this is a pretty tame bucks night prank, but it’s good spirited. You will of course have to tell the seniors that you are coming, but we’re sure they’ll enjoy giving their congratulations or condolences to the soon-to-be-married buck.

The Rude Awakening

This is a good prank for a weekend long bucks party. The buck will be sounds asleep, either from exhaustion due to having so much fun or because of too much drink. His mates will carry him on his mattress outside or to the roof. At that point you have some decisions to make. You can leave him there to wake up totally bewildered and surprised in the morning, or you can give him a rude awakening by honking a car horn. Either way, the buck is going to be shocked and good laughs will be had by all.

Swapping the Underwear

This prank isn’t really for a bucks night, but instead is played on the night before the wedding. The best man finds where the groom is keeping his suitcase, and he removes all of his underwear and leaves only some very inappropriate and funny jocks. The wedding will go off as normal, but the real joke happens on the wedding night when the groom has some explaining to do to his new wife.

A Good Prank and a Good Party Package

We hope you enjoyed reading about some of our favourite groom pranks. But remember that a good bucks party plan is needed to pull off a good groom prank. My Ultimate Bucks is a bachelor party planning service, and we’ve got a lot of great bucks night ideas! Get in touch with us and we’ll help you plan an epic and memorable bucks party for your best mate.

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