Low Key Bucks Party Ideas

Need a couple ideas for a low key bucks party ideas? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Have a squiz through the blog below and steal some of the ideas to create your own chilled bucks night. Not all guys want the extravagant girls, strippers and booze filled bucks night! So whether you’re the best man who’s been given the ‘low key’ brief or the buck wanting to organise it himself to avoid anything OTT, read on!

We’ll start off with one of our personal favourites here in the office…How’s a Private Scotch Masterclass sound? You’ll take a trip around the wonderful world of whisky, and what a trip it will be… You’ll be taught by a whisky connoisseur about all things distilled- oh, what a job he has. It’s time to live out your Ron Burgundy dreams. You’ll be sampling leading Single Malt Whiskies while learning all the insider secrets. Enjoy it all from 12 year old Cragganmore to 16 year old Bushmills, you’ll be knees deep in a Whisky Wonderland at your low key bucks party. For this chilled bucks party; all you have to do is; sit back, relax and enjoy a whole lotta scotch with the boys - easy! I love scotch - scotchy, scotchy scotch. Here it goes down, down into my belly...

Need low key bucks party ideas that are a littttle different? Such as a Private Crime Tour for your low key bucks… You’ll be sleeping with one eye open after this one. Your boys will be thrown into a underworld den of sly grog, gangsters and prohibition. This unique bucks party is a ‘True Crime’ lovers dream. Just as a disclaimer… we can’t guarantee your boys will be safe but we can guarantee you will be gripped and captivated from the moment it starts. Be immersed into the the apathetic life of old school gangsters- where money, conspiracy, robbery and organised crime ruled supreme. If your buck is a fan of gruesome detail, he will not be disappointed with this Private Bucks Tour. After your True Crime Buck Tour wraps up you can stroll to a cocktail/whisky bar nearby and discuss the details over a whisky or two, or three.

Or how about being collected by your Privately Chartered Coach and making your way to some charming wineries for your chilled bucks party? Send your buck off in style by giving him a day to appreciate quality wine and gourmet food. The perfect celebration for a buck who is looking to just get the boys together for a bit of classy, relaxed bucks fun. You’ll winery hop the day away whilst enjoying plenty of top shelf wine and every stop! Enjoy a lunch created from locally sourced ingredients with a couple of glasses of wine to wash it down. Purchase plenty of vino along the way so you can crack the lid off it when you get back to your Bucks Bachelor Pad. Time to raise, yet another, glass to the buck! Cheers boys!

How does a day of fishing, beers and feeds sound? Enjoy some quality time with the blokes while casting off your Private Fishing Charter (which is BYO, of course). We’ll throw in all the tackle, bait, a captain who knows a thing or two about fishing and a BBQ so you can start cooking up your catches! Find out who’s the best hunter, gatherer and who is the real Mummy's Boy whilst enjoying your unique bucks party… It’s time to really seperate the boys from the men, so you’d better bring your A-Game! Now, you can make this day as intense or as low-key as you’d like. You can cast your hook out, put your feet up and crack a tinnie - or, you can blast the music, throw the beers back and undergo full party mode. It all comes down to what your type of bucks party your buck wants!

And lastly, an oldie (literally) but a goodie… Barefoot Bowls. Move over Grandpa, the bucks are in town. This is definitely the ultimate low key bucks day out. Imagine... grass between your toes, subtle competition between the boys, proximity to the bar and the sun shining above - name a more iconic bucks party… I’ll wait. Spend a couple hours under the sun, sinking beers with the boys while throwing your best bowls. Bowling Whites encouraged, obviously. After you’ve bowled your hearts out you can head to the pub for a man feast and some more cold ones. Sounds like a low key bucks dream!

Looking for Even More Low Key Bucks Party Ideas?

So what’s it going to be?? A scotch masterclass, a private crime tour, private wineries tours, fishing and beers or barefoot bowls? I know it’s going to be tough to pick, as they are all incredible options (in our humble opinion)... But, don’t start thinking the above list is all the low key bucks party options that we offer! Oh boy, would you be wrong! We have plenty of other bucks party ideas such as; brewery tours, clay shooting, laser tag, limo & low n slow dinners even a spa trip! Whatever you have in mind... give our My Ultimate Bucks girls a call and we will make your dream package come to life! You can contact us on 1300 339 734… what are you waiting for!?

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Updated 27/03/2023