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Five Unique Bucks Night Ideas That Include Topless Waitresses!

Here at My Ultimate Bucks we specialise in one thing, and that is creating epic Bucks celebrations. And what’s the one thing every truly epic Bucks needs? Well, if we said anything other than ‘tits’ we would be lying. So we asked some of our stunners from Bucks Bunnies about the most unique bucks night topless waitress ideas…and the list might surprise you!

5 Unique Bucks Night Topless Waitress Ideas

Fire Engine Cruise
Transport is something well worth considering when you’re organising a Bucks. When you’ve planned the Bucks party to end all Bucks parties, now isn’t the time to skimp on the transport – especially when there’s a topless stunner waiting to join you inside. (And no one wants to rock up anywhere in Dazzas commodore, let alone the bucks, let’s be honest). Amongst all of our awesome transport options – Party Fire Trucks have got to be one of the most highly requested vehicles we have. Now – we know some pretty crazy stuff goes down on a Bucks night, but it’s not every day you see a fire truck roll up to take you for a spin, let alone with a hot as hell topless babe waiting your arrival inside. Did we mention that it’s BYO too? This is a ride the lads will never forget, trust us.

Staged Kidnapping
Your buck will start by thinking this is just the average bucks party. A couple of beers with the boys, maybe some beer pong – but secretly you know him much better than that! Knock knock, it’s time to shake things up. At the door awaits scantily clad stunner, just begging to serve your beers and show off her greatest assets. The boys will be singing your praises, and enjoying the entertainment when suddenly, pandemonium breaks out! Your Buck is kidnapped… against his will…. by your hot topless lady and piled into the back of a getaway vehicle, which just happens to be a Rockstar stretch hummer. It’s a hard life being the man of the hour…

Topless Poker Dealer
Sure, the My Ultimate Bucks Team always love a good boozy bar crawl style bucks, but we’re also masters of the suave celebration. If your buck loves the finer things like good scotch and Cuban cigars, he is sure to want a pair of perfect tits on his Bucks night too. It’s what we call ‘The Trifecta’. Luckily our Bucks Bunnies hot as hell topless poker croupier’s are chosen for their killer looks, both in and out of their clothing, not to mention their flirty and cheeky nature and ability to keep the boys entertained all night. Just try and keep a poker face while this babe is around - we dare you. Complete with cards and chips, your stunner will circulate the room showing off her assets and treating the lads to a bit of poker. With this guaranteed win of a Bucks, who needs a trip to Vegas?

Topless Twister

Yep. It’s a thing. We all know and love Twister as a classic hilarious party game, but we here at My Ultimate Bucks never pass up an opportunity to kick things up a notch, so add a smokin’ hot babe to the mix & remove her shirt…now THAT’s what we call a game!

Topless Sushi
Nyotaimori is the Japanese art of eating sushi off a hot as hell naked woman, and man is it fun! It’s not every day you get a ‘hall pass’ quite like the bucks party – and sure a strip club is awesome, but naked sushi is an experience unlike anything else. Imagine the look on your bucks face as your very own hot as hell naked sushi model climbs up onto your table, before a second topless bombshell clad only in a g-string and high heels appears to serve your group delicious sushi and fetch your drinks, all while showing off her best assets of course. Sushi & stunners is a winning combo every day of the week, so if you want a unique and memorable bucks night activity idea, you’re looking right at it!

Let's Hear It For The Hens Nights!
Don't forget - topless waitresses are not just for bucks nights! We also have many of our My Ultimate Hens gals ask for one of our sultry hens party topless waitresses to come a knockin for their hens party packages - so prepare to unleash your hens party fantasy! Woot-woo!
There you have it boys! You’ve got five epic bucks night topless waitress ideas, and we’ve got our topless Bucks Bunnies stunners just waiting to make them a reality.  Chat to one of our My Ultimate Bucks party consultants about adding some topless waitress fun to your bucks party today on 1300 339 734.

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