Bucks Party Activities – Top 10 Bucks Party Ideas

At My Ultimate Bucks, we are often asked what is the best bucks party activity. There really is no single best party idea, as it depends on the buck. But we do know some excellent bucks party activities for a night out with the boys. We decided to make this list of the top 10 bucks party ideas to help the best mate or anybody else who has been charged with planning a bucks night. We’re sure you’ll find it helpful if you’re stumped about what to do for your mates upcoming bucks night.

The Best Bucks Party Activities

If you’re looking for bucks party entertainment, My Ultimate Bucks has got you covered. We know all the greatest bucks night ideas and party activities to make for a truly memorable time. Some of these activities can be incorporated into a bucks party package, while others can be the primary activity for the party. So let’s get on with our top 10 bucks party ideas.

1. Go on a Brewery Tour

Beers and bucks party go together. They always have and they always will. That’s why going on a brewery tour is one of those bucks party activities that’s sure to please. Microbreweries are all the rage these days and it seems that all the major cities have their fair share of these beer utopias. Why not go on a brewery tour and check them out?

2. Food Tour

Anywhere there’s a bucks party there’s bound to be some good eats, so you can do a food tour instead of the brewery tour. Or better yet, go on a food tour and a brewery tour. Now we’re talking synergy! No matter how you do it, a food tour is going to tap into that primal instinct that we all have of hunting out and devouring good food.

3. Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt at a bucks party is one of those tried and proven activities that men have been doing for generations. Your father and your grandfather probably did some scavenging in the course of their bucks nights. You can put some planning into this by have the party members hunt for items related to the buck and his bride to be – a napkin from the first restaurant they went to and a photo of the spot where they shared their first kiss. If that seems too sentimental maybe it would be more appropriate to hunt for naughties, such as a g-string and an S&M whip.

4. Go Paintballing

A little bit of armed warfare is great way to spend a bucks party. We have paintball packages that will allow everyone to shoot it out in a grand battle where the victor will have a level of bragging rights never before seen at a bucks event. Best of all is that this is a chance to really stick it to the buck by designating him as the primary the target.

5. Play Games

Playing games definitely belongs on this list of bucks activity ideas. You can incorporate games into a bucks party package or have an entire bucks night of gaming if the buck is an avid gamer. Board games, such as Code Names and Liars Dice are a lot of fun at a bucks night. Or you can bust out the Switch and get some Mario Kart going. There’s also plenty of room for a drinking game or two.

6. Play Poker

Yes, we know we’ve already mentioned games, but poker is special and we feel that it deserves its own place on our list. Poker can be a classy and sophisticated experience or a rowdy time with the lads. It can also be a sexy happening with one of our poker packages complete with a topless dealer. Poker is whatever you want it to be, but most of all it’s always a good time.

7. No Phones Allowed (as an activity)

When you’re out on a bucks night you should be enjoying the company of your mates, not checking FaceTubes or YouBooks on your phone. It is for this reason that we recommend that you implement a no phones allowed rule for the bucks night. But why not turn this rule into an activity. If anyone is caught using their phone they have to take a drink, or maybe all other party members get to punish them in some way like punching them in the arm as hard as they can. This is a fun way to make sure everyone is fully involved in the bucks night activities and not in their phones.

8. Go Camping

A night out under the stars may not be your first thought when you think of bucks night activities, but it is a really good one. Bring an esky full of beers, a portable grill for steaks or burgers, and your sleeping bags. You can even bring a guitar for those boozy campfire singalongs. It’ll be an awesome night full of nature and good memories.

9. Smoke Cigars

Smoking cigars is a very blokeish activity that is often used to celebrate a special occasion. That makes it perfect for a bucks night. You can head out to a cigar bar or bring along some Cohibas to where ever the night takes you. The best part is that a proper cigar takes a long time to smoke, so light up, sit back, and enjoy the moment.

10. Talk

Talk. Of all the bucks activity ideas on this list, this one couldn’t be any simpler. A bucks party is a time for the buck and his mates to come together one last time before the buck gets hitched, so make the best of it by talking about the good old times. Talk about how things used to be, how things are, and how things will never change after marriage, even though they probably will a bit.

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