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Bucks Night Game Ideas

Bucks Party Games!

Up the ante with some bucks night games and antics that will have all of the lads in hysterics – and your buck laughing his arse off. Here at My Ultimate Bucks, after hearing many, many best man stories, and having the pleasure of hosting literally thousands of awesome bucks parties every year, we have compiled a list of fail safe bucks party games to take the bucks party you are planning to the next level – winning!


This one goes down an absolute treat. The best man buys a couple of packets of mustache packets - these bad boys are normally only $2 for a discount shop…and gets the buck and blokes to wear them whenever they order a drink that night. The photos are priceless, it’s easy to set up, the laughs are cheap, and extra points if one of the guests picks up whilst stauched!


Get his lads together and let all of the guys know at the start of the bucks night that the challenge is on – try and take the ugliest selfie they possibly can throughout the evening – bonus points if the buck is included. Trust us, it’s worth it for the laughs that come out of reviewing the goods the next day & a great excuse for the buck to have some pics of his big night or bucks weekend.


A tried and tested class bucks night game that has been tried by many a My Ultimate Bucks groom before! So this one can get a little pricey, so get all the guys invited to the Ultimate Bucks Night to chuck in a tenner and hit up a costume shop for the most awesome (read: humiliating) chicken costume there. Give the buck no warning whatsoever. Pull out the compulsory big bird at a stage in his bucks night of your choosing & get your cameras ready!  


Get Loose with bucks night games that will have you sitting back and laughing like a boss. It’s pure bucks party perfection. So at some point in the night, you as the best man gets everyone in the group to write a truth or dare for the buck to do. Ask them to be as crazy as they can. Then get everyone to hold up their dare / truth in front of them so everyone can read each others, including the buck. It is at this point that you, the best man, announces that this game is called backfire and everyone has to do their own truth or dare! …like a boss!


Get all of the guys at the bucks night party to put in enough mulla to buy the buck a pint or shot. (or, if you’ve got a My Ultimate Bucks package with an all inclusive beverage package then the dollar side of things is already sorted – winning!) then, without his input choose the most random beers / ciders / spirits or other concoctions on the menu and line them up in front of him, he has to guess what they are before getting through them all! An oldie but a goodie.


This bucks night game is especially great for groups of lads that might have the buck in common, however not know each other! Hand out one post-it note to every guest and ask them to write one memory they have of the groom. They can also write just a single word or draw a picture that the buck will understand. make sure all of the post-its are the same colour. Once written, each guest sticks their post it note to the buck – or one of our stunning topless waitresses if you have a My Ultimate Bucks Night package that includes one of our sexy gals. Once he is covered in post-its (cameras anyone?)…he must pick the notes off one by one and read each aloud, before trying to guess who has written in, what it refers too & the story behind it. This game works a treat for groups of guys who don't know each other at the start of the night and usually ends to some embarrassing recollections at the bucks expense!


This one works well for groups of blokes who all know each other pretty well. Prior to the night, get the groomsman together and come up with a list of ‘most likely to’ options – i.e most likely to: end up in jail, become a porn star, blow all his money within a year if he one the lottery, hook up with a celebrity, become a politian etc. Then on the night get the buck and blokes to discuss each option, and the guy with the most votes for each category needs to buy a drink for the buck!


Simple and brilliant and a true my ultimate bucks night game fave. each guest gets one chance during the night: at any time, he can choose to stand up and say loudly ‘I AM SPARTACUS!’ and raise his glass before downing his drink. After which, all other players must stand up, raise their glasses and say ‘I AM SPARTACUS!’ & also down their drinks. This usually becomes a play on the buck as each time he happens to have a full drink in his hand someone will use their spartacus!


This bucks night game is more of a game at the bucks expense! So at some point prior to the bucks night, the best man heads to the $2 shop and picks up the most humiliating giant badge he can find. rocking choices include flashing hens badges, ‘I am sixty today’ and ‘I’m a good birthday boy!’. at the start of the night announce to everyone that anyone who says the bucks name or the name of his fiancé throughout the night and is caught out has to wear the badge, until someone else cops it! This includes the buck! go forth and catch each other out!

Well, that’s all folks! Bucks party games and ideas, merch vouchers, help with planning logistics and the things you never knew you needed to know to make his Ultimate bucks night go smoothly is what we specialise in here at My Ultimate Bucks. We’ve got everything you need to make sure your best mate has the bucks night or bucks weekend he deserves, and we do all of the work, whilst you can take all of the credit – too easy! Just give us a bell on 1300339734 or click the Home Tab above to browse our wicked bucks party packages! We can’t wait to have the honour of helping throw your best mates bucks night soon! We have bucks night ideas and packages available in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney & Gold Coast.