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Alternative Bucks Night Ideas

So you want to get the lads together to celebrate your best mate – and he deserves more than just another cookie cutter bucks night? We hear you! Luckily we have already prepared a list of brilliant alternative bucks night ideas – that keep in the tradition of throwing your mate the send off he will love whilst putting a twist on the classic bucks party to add in something different. Here are the top alternative bucks night ideas you haven’t thought of yet:

Axe Throwing:

Once limited to Vikings and rednecks, Axe Throwing is the Ultimate bucks party activity. Get loose with axes, pelting them through the air at a target board that will separate the men from the boys. The best part? You can rip into each other when someone misses, and you get to see that one bloke who is always good at every sport totally suck at this – brilliant. An Axe Throwing bucks night package can be combined with a craft brewery tour, a lingerie lounge afterwards, private transport, a decent feed and so much more. So go forth and conquer with a bucks night activity that will get everyone’s competitive edge coming out. May the best man win! (See what we did there…)


Reserved normally for billionaires and wankers, now you can take your bucks party to new heights by hiring a fleet of top notch private choppers to really kick things up a notch! One of the most common questions we get here in the My Ultimate Bucks Party office is, how do we make our helicopter packages so affordable? That is why we are the Ultimate! Get the lads and feel like James Bond as you circle the skies in a truly memorable experience. This truly is an alternate bucks night idea that is something out of the ordinary and something really that will be a once in a lifetime experience that everyone will remember fondly – and a bucks party is the perfect excuse to do something totally brilliant like this – fly high lads!

Strip Poker:

Ok, so we don’t mean getting the guys around and strip together until they are naked (unless you’re into that – no judgement here) We are talking having your own hot hot hot stunner who will not only deal up a poker storm for the lads, she will also strip off an item of clothing each time the buck wins a hand! Until she is in nothing but high heels and a tiny lace g-string! Weird though…ever since we have introduced out strip-poker packages, lots of guys who aren’t the buck seem to be folding early – co-incidence? Seriously though, what bucks night would be complete without a bit of bucks party poker or blackjack – you can have stunners sent to your penthouse, hotel, or house – or to a top notch bucks party venue where we also organise free flowing drinks and a feed – too easy! Even if you have a pair of aces she will still have the winning pair – we promise!

Teenage Dream:

You know when arcade games and Xbox reigned supreme? Take your buck back to his teenage fantasy with an arcade game package – think dodgems, basketball, laser force, pinball, frogger, pacman etc – throw in some beers and a topless waitress and you truly do have the Ultimate bucks party package! The activity will keep everyone entertained, bring out some healthy competition and have you reliving your teenage heydays – except it is even better this time round as an adult because you can include a hot as hell stripper and free flowing beer. What’s not to love! This is the Ultimate Bucks idea for you buck who wants something really unique to get loose with his mates and have a laugh!

Rap Jumping:

What better way to celebrate your best mate than by throwing him head first off the top of a building? Don’t worry, we attach a rope first! Pull out all of the stops with an adrenalin pumping bucks party for your best mate – abseiling, rap jumping, sky diving, a Bucks Party really is the perfect excuse to get the blood pumping and do something freakin crazy! The lads will be laughing their arses off and you truly will remember this as the Ultimate bucks party forever! Clear the camera roll lads attending as this one is going to be your tinder profile pic for the foreseeable future.

So many alternative bucks night ideas, so little time! That is why you have landed in the perfect place to make sure your best mates bucks night is a success! If you are looking for some alternate bucks night ideas or want to include some classic elements like booze and boobs too, we have you covered at My Ultimate Bucks! Click the 'Packages' Tab to have a perve through our bucks party packages or select your region (Bucks Ideas Brisbane, Bucks Activities Gold Coast, Bucks Sydney or Bucks Night Melbourne) or give us a bell on 1300 339 734 and we can sort it out – too easy!