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7 Unique Buck Party Ideas

Wanting to organise something a little different for your buck? Sick of the traditional bucks parties? Skim over the unique bucks party ideas below and grab some out of the ordinary suggestions on how to be the greatest best man there is. You just pick an activity that you think your buck will like, get in contact with us and we’ll get hard to work. And kapeesh - you just rock up and enjoy the world's greatest bucks party - how easy is that!?

1. Axe Throwing

Yes, you read it right. Smashing axes into targets- what more could you want!? Gather your mates, put your flanno shirts on and spend the day chucking axes around pretending to be lumberjacks- what. a. day. Sharpened and ready for throwing - as if that wasn’t enough, we surround you with Australia’s best axe-men to add to the pressure when it becomes apparent that you have no idea what you are doing – but man, is it fun. You can even have a competition with the boys so you can distinguish the boys from the men!

2. Escape Room

Stuck in a room with 10 guys... normally this would be absolute hell, but in this case it’s one hell of a good time! You’ll walk through the door and have to fight to get your way out again. This one might test the friendship though! Before you head in you’d better prepare yourself for a few heated conversations. The clock is ticking, you’re locked in a room and everyone is a little stressed - heated conversations are allll part of the process. But don’t worry, you’ll all come out the other side with newfound respect for each other! Well, for everyone except that one bloke in the group who helped with absolutely nothing and just spent the entire time getting in everyone’s way… There’s alllllwwaaayyyss one.

3. Pizza Making Class

This is one the bride-to-be will appreciate. Not only is this one a totally practical party idea it is also a hilarious way to spend some time with your mates. You’ll get to sip on some beers and learn all the tricks in the trade to impress your significant others! And you’ll even get to cook & eat your creations (whether you’d like to or not!). And, your pizza making classes will be private for your group only! Awesome way to spend an afternoon for a buck who wants a relaxed/unique bucks party!

4. Golf

Now, now, now… I know what you’re thinking. "How is golf on this list!?”. We all know a golf day would typically not be considered in a list of unique bucks party ideas. But, we are taking the average golf day and improving it just slightly - by adding girls & as many of them as you want. They’ll keep the boys entertained (because let’s face it - golf isn’t the most thrilling game) and will keep the clubs in order! No one wants to waste precious time cracking their own beers or changing their own clubs over - so why not leave it to our Caddy Girls! Just let us know what city you are celebrating in and we can organise the rest ;)

5. Barefoot Bowls

Is there anything better than an afternoon spent under the sun bowling the perfect shot and sipping on cold, crisp beers? I’m going to say no - and don’t even try fighting me on that! In all of our packages you’ll receive tips and tricks from the best in the bowling trade and then you’ll have the green to show off all those skills you’ve learnt! Barefoot bowls is a great way to enjoy the afternoon with the buck and his closest mates. Grandpa will also love this one - he’s been waiting for the right moment to show off those moves he learnt all those years ago.

6. Break Rooms

How about helping the groom get over that pre-wedding stress? No better way than to lock yourself in a room and break everything in sight. We’re talking lamps, desks, plates - you name it - you can smash it. We’ll give you all the safety gear so you blokes can go absolutely ham in there. All you have to do is arrive, grab your bat, pretend to listen to the safety brief and then start breaking until you can’t break no-more!

7. Sand Tobogganing

This one is not going to be pretty - and that’s the fun of it! You’ll find sand in places you didn’t know existed. Race your best mates down some of the biggest sand dunes you’ve seen. There will be stacks, there will be injuries but there will be #noragrets. This is definitely an activity that the whole group can get around. Also, maybe remember to pack the Go-Pro so you can capture some bucks night footage - you’re guaranteed to get the money shot of the buck stacking it at some point!

Need More Unique Bucks Party Ideas?

Now, obviously all of these activities can be paired with a few elements that make it more of a… bucks night we’ve all grown to love. Topless Waitresses? Strippers? XXX Show or two. We can cover all the bases - you just say the word. If you think your buck would love some of the bucks night ideas listed above, give My Ultimate Bucks a call on 1300 339 734! We’ll put in the work and won’t take the credit for it - it’s all you Best Man, it’s alllll you.

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Updated 27/03/2023