High Roller Buck With Topless Lady Lucks

  • VIP Club Booth
  • Tapas Feed
  • Drinks Package
  • Topless Poker Dealer
  • Spirits Included
  • Cards and Chips
  • Strip Club Entry
  • Strip Club Booth
  • 1st Round On Us
  • Customise it!

Looking for a Melbourne bucks poker package with a difference? We’ve got you sorted! Spend the night partying in your own VIP booth with a free flowing cleavage package....we mean a boobage package....we mean a....drinks and tits all round!

$179.00 per person, based on 12 attendees. Expecting less? Contact us.

Ready for the quintessential bucks night? Reckon your man is into free-flowing drinks, everything from spirits, beers, and even wines, and a topless stunner to wash it all down with? We thought he might be! Who needs Vegas when the ultimate high roller buck experience is right here!

Now that we’ve piqued your attention, here are the details: Kickstart your night the right way with your very own VIP booth that we’ve set aside in a semi-private area (after all, we want people to see just enough to get jealous). Rock up to our hidden bar under one of Melbourne's iconic buildings and be greeted by the dimly lit and smoky atmosphere – perfect for the events to come. Whether you’re into shisha, cocktails, or just a great drink in a place you’d never know was there, our underground bar has everything you could want. Find your secluded booth and then it’s time for the tits to make their entrance. Rocking up in less floss than a dentist could shake a gum at, this busty babe is about to show you the time of your life, and possibly where the sun don’t shine! It’s time to kick off the night – grab your first drink and prepare to party. The bar is open and stocked high with house wines, beers, and spirits as hard as the nips these ladies are flicking! But of course, it's not a true lads’ night without a little poker, is it?

In comes our wheeling and dealing babe wearing nothing but the tightest G-string, sky-high heels, and the smallest bra you can find, if you could even call it that. She’s got the goods too, coming equipped with a deck of poker cards, chips, and a great pair of tits! As the first hand is dealt, that bra will hit the floor harder than your aces hit the table, with the only flush being that lad’s face when he gets caught staring at the greatest gift ever given to man. Did we mention she’s also here to serve those ice-cold drinks you’ve been looking forward to all day? Oh, and watch out – with her razor-sharp wit, this dealer will keep you on your toes and clutching your sides all night long. Time to raise a glass to the man of the hour – and yourself for booking this bucks party none of you will be forgetting anytime soon!

And to make sure you know this package is seriously all-inclusive – all you need to bring along is your poker face. What could go better with a Melbourne bucks night private topless poker tournament? A feed, of course!

Throughout your event, you're served up an array of delicious share plates to accompany those ever-appearing drinks. Make sure you're as well-fed as you are well-hydrated – we really have thought of everything! These plates will have everything your heart desires, from mac and cheese balls to calamari, with the babe at the end of the table providing the rest. Spend the night partying it up and showing off your poker skills (or lack thereof!). Let's be real – there are no real losers, especially when you’re just here to enjoy the view! This is how you pull off a legendary bucks night.

After two hours of the Melbourne bucks night of your life, all that’s left to do is head out to join Melbourne’s epic nightlife! Of course, we’ve got you covered and have the perfect place to hang out whilst you plan your night – our exclusive strip club! We've got everything ready with another 2-hour VIP booth at our epic bucks strip club where the girls are keen and the rooms are private. To top up that confidence, we’ve got a couple more drinks for each of the boys ready and waiting for you to put back as you sit back and make sure each of these girls are misbehaving. It’s not hard to indulge yourself when you're surrounded by more stunners than you can count, and we don’t blame you!

So, there you have it. A high rollers bucks party all planned for you, with none of the stress! Put all our hard work to good use and make best man duties a breeze – we think you deserve it. Just call 1300 339 734 or contact us! You can also continue browsing our awesome range of Melbourne bucks packages!