Established 2011

The A Team

  • Private Bar
  • Drinks Package
  • 1st Topless Waitress
  • 2nd Topless Waitress
  • 3rd Topless Waitress
  • 4th Topless Waitress
  • 5th Topless Waitress
  • Pizzas
  • Customise it!

We’ve got everything you need to pull off a legendary Melbourne bucks night! We’ve got the ultimate venue with your own private bar, a free flowing drinks package, delicious pizzas and FIVE private topless waitresses to dote on the group! It’s the epic Melbourne bucks night your best mate deserves!

$189.00 per person, based on 20 attendees. Expecting less? Contact us.

Ready for the ultimate Melbourne bucks night full of a whirlwind of bucks party topless waitresses? Prepare for the night of utter debauchery ahead of you!

Your night begins as you make yourselves at home in your own private venue! Head straight up to your private bar and grab a drink to toast the buck! We’ve got the beers and wines rolling off your private bar for the next three hours so drink up boys! So you can raise a glass to your buck over and over again! Buck more of a spirits man? No worries, we have options to upgrade this Melbourne bucks party package to include spirits, just ask us!

Now we promised girls and oh will we deliver! The first two of your topless waitresses arrive in nothing but tiny, lacy G-strings and high heels – tonight’s uniform it seems! All our Ultimate bucks babes are gorgeous head to toe so get ready for a parade of barely dressed stunners to take your breath away on this epic bucks night!

Your first two My Ultimate Bucks angels will serve your drinks and ferry around your substantial gourmet pizzas to keep the guys going and keep those stomach lines! As they’re serving these up the next three private bucks party topless waitresses arrive, as scantily clad as the first two! You now have FIVE hot as hell ladies walking around in nothing but G-strings and sky high heels, to dote on all the guys! It’s a Melbourne bucks night truly worthy of the A team themselves!

Enjoy the attention these sultry ladies are showering on your group and the drinks flowing from the bar! Maybe a savvy groomsmen has had some foresight to bring along some bucks night games to keep the men entertained…there’s nothing like bucks party twister with five topless waitresses for an unforgettable bucks night, or perhaps you would prefer one of our gorgeous ladies to bring with her cards and chips to deal up poker for the lads? Just let us know! We can be involved as much or as little as you like in the details of the night - this is all about giving your buck the proper send off before he heads off to war – I mean into marital bliss…

Your topless beauties slowly depart one by one into the night and you’re left wondering what are you to do now?! Well don’t fret we wouldn’t bring you this far to abandon you now! You’re free to wander out of your private bucks party venue and onto one of Melbourne’s best known dance floors OR if the guys have become accustomed to beautiful, basically naked women we can arrange VIP strip club entry and some strip shows to our sought-after Melbourne strip club!

Either way it’s mission accomplished for this brilliant Melbourne bucks night package! All you have to do to pull it off is give us a call on 1300 339 734 or email us on Our contact form and we’ll take care of the rest! My Ultimate Bucks to the rescue!