Established 2011

All Bets Are Off Weekend

  • Overnight Accommodation
  • Topless Poker Dealer
  • Whisky Tasting
  • 4 Premium Whiskies Each
  • Private Whisky Host
  • Whisky Cocktail For Each Lad
  • Whiskies Of The World Theme
  • Grazing Boards
  • Stretch Hummer
  • BYO In Hummer
  • Customise it!

Gather round lads - we've got a Melbourne bucks weekend away you truly can't refuse! Kick the weekend off in style as you're introduced to our HOT topless poker croupier before heading to our incredible whisky den where you'll indulge in the water of life, then hop in a hummer cruise around the nightlights! I did say you wouldn't be able to refuse...

$369.00 per person, based on 10 attendees. Expecting less? Contact us.

How many men does it take to plan the perfect bucks weekend package? Only one when you’ve got your own My Ultimate Bucks team to tackle the logistics for you! Treat your best mate to the ultimate bucks poker night Melbourne including whisky tasting, your own topless poker dealer and a bad ass stretch hummer! Cheers to the buck – and to yourself for pulling off an epic Melbourne bucks weekend away!

Kick the weekend off as you and the lads arrive to our epic inner-city accommodation - take the lift up and stroll into our incredible, upgraded bachelor pad that boasts full size living & kitchen areas, with a full-sized fridge for all those BYO beers! Crack a cold beer, and settle in. Just as your buck is patting you on the back for organising some epic weekend accommodation, there's a knock at the door...

Your buck opens the door and in teeters our smoking hot topless poker dealer ready for your bucks poker night Melbourne! Teetering on sky high heels and clad in nothing but an itty bitty lace G-string, this stunning poker croupier comes complete with high quality cards, chips and tits for all to see. Try your best to keep your eyes on the cards for the next two hours as you and the lads play it out in your own private bucks poker tournament! This topless babe has a winning pair that will have even the best of players folding before her and she’ll make sure you’re rewarded for your efforts in throwing an awesome Melbourne bucks party!

After two blissful hours, your topless babe reluctantly re-robes, and you're freshen up before your suave whisky tasting bucks party. There's no better combination than poker and whisky! It’s drinks all round as you arrive to our incredible whisky bar nestled in the heart of Fitzroy. With an exotic range of whisky’s from around the world – this truly a brilliant spot to continue your bucks party in style! You’ll be ushered to your reserved table where you can raise a toast to the man of the hour! Your private aficionado host will take you through five unique, beautifully-aged whisky tastings while letting you in on some whisky knowledge that you can use to show off at future trivia nights. 

We're not done yet! After your five delectable whisky tastings, your private bartender host serves you and the lads up an old-fashioned, whisky-based cocktail. Make sure you ask for the recipe because you're going to want to remember this one! We won't let you go hungry either - served up alongside your delicious tastings are some delicious selections of grazing foods for the guys to dig into! We've made sure you line your stomach before the incredible night ahead!

After your suave whisky tasting bucks party, it's time to head outside to see the beast of the vehicle that's been organised. Your luxury stretch hummer is fully-decked out and just straight up legendary! Cruise through the streets of Melbourne in your head-turning stretch hummer with a high-end sound system for all those bucks party tunes - did I mention that your vehicle is completely BYO friendly, so grab your favourite beers and crack one open onboard! This will be a wild party ride and the only way to round up the formalities of your bucks party!

It's your choice where you'd like to be dropped off - so just let your Melbourne bucks party consultant know your ideas. The strip club? The casino? A nightclub? It’s back slaps all round as the guys congratulate you for pulling off an unforgettable bucks weekend! Your best mate will be in awe of the incredible bucks party you’ve thrown him – and we’re happy to stay your dirty little secret!

All you have to do to treat your gang to this awesome Melbourne bucks weekend is pick up the phone and call us on 1300 339 734 or email us on Our contact form so we can make you an offer you just can’t refuse…