Established 2011

Burnouts and Beers

  • Quad Biking
  • Creeks and Dirt ATV Adventure
  • Bus Transport
  • Riverside Bar
  • Hot Platters Feed
  • Drinks Package
  • Customise it!

Start your engines and prepare for adventure as you tear through the bus one one of our epic ATVs, before indulging in an epic dinner with free-flowing beers! The best bucks party Melbourne is right here, so forget scrolling Melbourne bucks party ideas for days – and give your best mate an adrenaline kick.

$309.00 per person, based on 12 attendees. Expecting less? Contact us.

Melbourne bucks quad biking and free flowing beers, is there anything better? How about your own bucks private transport to get you there and back too - followed by an epic two-course dinner and free-flowing beers! From the thrill of quad biking to the chilled beers, this bucks party is an all-round winner!

Let’s kick this Melbourne bucks party off in high gear, shall we? Our incredible quad bikes lie just outside of Melbourne, nestled in the bushland to ensure the best ATV experience ever! But no need to try to organise carpooling with the lads - we've got your sorted with your own private coach to pick you up! A full 90 minute extreme Melbourne bucks quad biking experience awaits you as you prepare to hit the open trails, this is one unforgettable adrenaline bucks ideas!

It’s all aboard as each guest straddles their own beast and puts the pedal to the metal! Not everything is a competition but you can always make it one! With 15kms of punishing terrain, water crossings and technical challenges the lads will have the time of their lives weaving in and out of the bushland. Our quad bikes are top of the line so please don’t break them as you jump them over a creek bed or drift through the mud trying to impress your mates!

After your thrilling bucks quad biking session, it's time to hop back onboard your private bus to head out for an epic lads dinner at our incredible Melbourne sports bar and restaurant. You might leave quad biking smelling like a mud puddle so chat to us about heading home to shower first or chat to us about adding an inner city bachelor pad for the guys to at least spray something that smells good on!

As you arrive to our epic sports bar, you’ll be led to your reserved table and handed a beer in true Melbourne bucks night style! Don't worry lads - the beers keep on coming, we've got the house beers, ciders & wines on hand for the next two hours so bottoms up lads! No man shall go thirsty at this bucks party!

Break out those obligatory embarrassing speeches as you down some drinks with your best mate’s and dig into an excellent two-course dinner! We’ve got delicious share plates of all the classic pub favourites served down the centre of the table so you and the lads can sample everything. Dig in and reminisce on the near misses of the day as you celebrate your buck’s last bash!

After a brilliant afternoon of Melbourne bucks quad biking and an awesome feed it’s time to take this bucks night up a notch with our complimentary night club entry or take the party to the next level with VIP strip shows at our sought-after strip club! Party the night away with your best mate as you celebrate pulling off just a damn good party!

It will be back slaps all round as the guys congratulate you on organising the ultimate adventure bucks party – met with only a few suspicious glances from the lads wondering how you pulled it all off! Take the pain out of bucks party planning and give us a call on 1300 339 734 or email on Our contact form!