Paintball and Paddles

  • Paintball
  • 400 Paintballs Each
  • Paintball Equipment
  • Private Bus & Driver
  • Brewery Tour
  • 2 Beer Paddles Each
  • Brewery Feed
  • Local Craft Breweries
  • Customise it!

Here at My Ultimate Bucks, we’re known for having the best bucks ideas in Melbourne, and our bucks paintball Melbourne and private brewery tour is no exception. Spend the morning on the paintball fields earning your glory, before being rewarded with victory beers – and lots of them!

$249.00 per person, based on 12 attendees. Expecting less? Contact us.

Wanting to check off your bucks bucket list an epic bucks paintball Melbourne session, followed by a brilliant bucks brewery tour with delicious beer paddles?! Nothing wakes you up better than shooting the hell out of each other at our awesome paintball fields before setting off your own private brewery tour through the Melbourne CBD!

The day kicks off when you arrive to our paintball fields in the middle of nowhere. You’ll truly feel like you’re in the Siberian wilderness as dress you head to toe in camo, arm yourself  with state of the art weapons, and 400 paintball bullets per soldier! Paintball is known as a ultimate game of strategy, speed, stealth – and just a great way to shoot your best mate in the ass without sending him to the ER! So get tactical and put a hot pink tutu on the man of the hour, it might help him blend in with all the paint splatters he’s about to receive. After shooting each other to pieces we know you’ll be need of an ice cold beer (or five)...

Which is why we have a private bus charter waiting for you guys outside to take you to the first stop on our incredible Melbourne CBD brewery tour! One of our favourite breweries sports all the best types of beers from both themselves and other craft brewers so your tastebuds are in for a treat! Now, this is a bucks brewery tour so we don’t have just one beer awaiting – we’ve got a tasting paddle featuring all the best brews as chosen by our master brewer staff! Enjoy tasting some of the incredible beers our brewery has to offer as you compare your battle bruises. A certified Melbourne bucks party win!

Next head on down the road to where we’ve arranged yet another tasting for the lads! As fresh as it comes, the beer is crisp and refreshing so take another tasting paddle, on us, and sip your way through a range of different flavours as you raise yet another toast to the buck – and to yourself for arranging such an epic bucks brewery tour! We've also had a sneaky word with the bus driver and organised the boys a classic pizza lunch! Nothing to line the stomach before a night out with the boys better than a pizza feed after all!

After an unforgettable day out it’s time for a legendary Melbourne bucks night out! Chat to us about our complimentary entry into our sought-after nightclub entry or even a VIP strip show at our incredible strip club to keep this party going until the small hours. All you have to do is give us a call us on 1300 339 734 or email on Our contact form and we’ll take care of all the details while you keep all the glory – and the hangover for that matter…