Established 2011

Bullets & Brews - Bucks Clay Shooting

  • Clay Shooting
  • 30 Targets and Competition
  • Drinks Package
  • With Spirits!
  • Hot Platters Feed
  • Customise it!

Wondering how to plan the perfect clay shooting bucks party? Team it with a Melbourne bucks drinks package of course. Clay shooting Melbourne bucks party, free flowing beers and a little healthy competition between friends. What more could you want?

$229.00 per person, based on 12 attendees. Expecting less? Contact us.

What better way to make your buck feel like the man of the hour than handing him a loaded 12-gauge shotgun in our incredible clay shooting bucks party? With targets flying from all directions, spent shells sailing overhead and a ref tasked with keeping the lads in line, it’s the perfect way to spend an afternoon before a debaucherous bucks night out! We’ll keep the beers flowing and line those stomachs with an epic feed to keep you partying in style! This truly is the legendary Melbourne bucks party you were tasked with creating – we just did it for you, you’re welcome!

Where better to start an unforgettable Melbourne bucks party than our epic shooting range? Fully armed with none other than beretta 12-gauge shotguns and loaded up with ammo, we’ll run through a quick safety demo to ensure no one is left pulling buckshot out of their ass cheek. Then we let you loose on a 10 clay targets pulled from different locations – to practice of course! While you’re warming up that trigger finger, make sure you warm up those voices to rip the piss when someone misses!

Soon it’s time to separate the men from the boys as you aim, pull and fire on 20 rounds of clay pigeons rocketing from all directions! This is a clay shooting bucks party at it’s absolute best. Our professional is on hand to ensure that score card hasn’t been tampered with after the shells have fallen. Soon it’s time to hand that 12 gauge back over and find out where you rank with the lads – hopefully not last!

Head on down into our den of iniquity, hidden between industrial brick and chesterfields – as if it was built for a brilliant Melbourne bucks night! You’ll be welcomed as winner’s should be - with your choice of poison for the night! Revel in the fact that these top notch spirits, wines & softs won’t stop flowing for the next two hours! Yes that’s right, your winner can celebrate all night long as the loser drowns his sorrows – and you all raise a glass to the buck over and over again!

As you’re toasting the buck and celebrating at your reserved table a delicious selection of shared style tapas is served for the guys to dig into! We’ll ensure that no man is left behind on this bucks night adventure with selections of deliciously crispy calamari, and hearty risotto balls, fresh spring rolls, delectable mac & cheese bites... do I even need to continue? Of course, if the guys are more the manly steak kind of men we can always arrange an epic steak dinner at our excellent sports bar venue instead…

Bullets and Brews – everything an incredible Melbourne bucks party needs! After such an awesome day we’ll send you off into the night with our complimentary nightclub entry or we can take it up a notch with VIP strip shows at our sought-after Melbourne strip club if you like - just say the word. So that’s your best mate’s bucks done and dusted and all you had to do was pick up the phone and call 1300 339 734 or email us on Our contact form!