Established 2011

Pedal To The Metal

  • Go Karting Grand Prix
  • 2 Beer Paddles Each
  • Brewery Feed
  • Private Bus & Driver
  • Local Craft Breweries
  • Brewery Tour
  • Customise it!

Put the pedal to the metal with our awesome packages! Bucks go karting Melbourne is amongst the best bucks ideas in Melbourne with our groups, right alongside our signature Melbourne CBD brewery tour! Lucky for you, we’ve combined the two for the ultimate bucks party Melbourne!

$259.00 per person, based on 15 attendees. Expecting less? Contact us.

Want an awesome bucks go karting Melbourne experience followed up with a Melbourne CBD brewery tour? Our Pedal to the Metal package is the perfect combination! Suit up and strap in for an epic go karting session that will separate the boys from the men before you head out for an incredible bucks brewery tour! Enjoy the privacy of your own privately chauffeured brewery tour, a delicious lunch to refuel and plenty of beer for the boys! It wouldn’t be a Melbourne bucks party without the beer after all! 

This bucks party kicks off at our awesome bucks go karting Melbourne location! After a quick briefing from our safety staff, it’s time to jump into these beastly little karts and get going! Make sure you strap in as our karts reach top speeds of 75kms/hr and they’ll give you a wild ride as you battle it out for first place! The track features hair pin turns and straight stretches so you can really put your foot down and get the blood pumping at this bucks party! 

After you’ve determined which of your mates should have never received his driver’s licence, it’s time to pile onto your bus for the next part of the adventure - your insane Melbourne CBD brewery tour! Your private coach will whisk you off to your first stop where you’ll enjoy some victory beers and lunch! Enjoy epic selections of pizza and chips as you taste some excellent beers at our first brewery! As you’re indulging in the tried and true combo of pizza and beer, take some time to reflect on your karting session and maybe some of the buck’s less finer moments in his single days…

After these incredible tastings, it’s back on the bus and onto the next destination where beer is a way of life! We set you up with yet another paddle of tastings each and send you off into the beer garden to enjoy! Whether you’re partial to the light and fruity tropical ale or the dry, heavy stout there is always something for everyone to try! Of course there’s also no rules about "accidentally” swapping one of your beers for your mate’s when he’s not looking… Raise a toast over and over again to the man of the hour – and to yourself for pulling off a legendary bucks party!

Soon it’s time for your private coach to drop you back to reality but the day doesn’t have to be over! We can arrange an awesome dinner, private room with free flowing drinks or even some busty babes to serve the guys! Just chat to a My Ultimate Bucks consultant about the options! All you have to do to kick start this awesome Melbourne bucks party is pick up the phone and give us a call on 1300 339 734 or send us an email at Our contact form and we’ll make sure this celebration gets over the line!