Established 2011

Paintball and Parma

  • Paintball
  • 400 Paintballs Each
  • Paintball Equipment
  • Round of Beers Included
  • Parma's
  • Bonus Beer for the Buck
  • Customise it!

We've got you covered with the adventure of a lifetime, with the best Melbourne bucks paintball experience! Introduce the lads to the real meaning of competition as you start the day with the buck and his closest lads gearing up for a battle to remember!

$149.00 per person, based on 12 attendees. Expecting less? Contact us.

Is there anything better than Melbourne bucks paintball for a day out with the lads? This Melbourne bucks package will see you enjoy the best paintball in Melbourne before hitting the town for a classic beer and parma. No Melbourne bucks dinner ideas needed – we take care of it all for you, and believe us a victory feed has never tasted so good!

It's an afternoon of tactics, stealth and laughs with the guys as you try your best commando moves to avoid those firing paintballs. This Melbourne bucks package is the perfect balance of entertainment, adrenaline and awesome memories to share with your best mates. Don't worry, we'll supply the safety gear to keep the guys secure.

Before you load up with 400 paintballs each, head out onto the field of obstacles for an awesome adventure. Just because it's his day, doesn't mean you can take it easy on him. Weave through obstacles until you get the buck in your sights. Ready, aim, fire! It's time to hit 'em where it hurts! After a hard day on the battlefield, there really is nothing better then an ice cold beer - it's science! Top that with a parma it's one of the best Melbourne bucks dinner ideas there is!

Best of all we've got it sorted for you - if you're looking for the best bucks ideas Melbourne, you're onto a winner! Once you've freshened up after you're colourful day, hit the town for some parmas and beers. You must be famished after the days adventure, so let us quench your thirst. Welcomed to our awesome venue like the true champions that you are - grab a cold one, take a seat and enjoy the rest of the evening with a with an epic feed, exchanging battle stories and cheering the buck on for his last adventure before the ring. After an all inclusive, and trule awesome day out you can rest easy knowing that you've just pulled off the perfect bucks with our awesome Melbourne bucks package.

What are you waiting for! Shoot an enquiry our way Our contact form or give the adventure professionals a call on 1300 339 734 we'll do the hard yards so you can save the energy for the big day.