Established 2011

Beers and Birdies

  • Virtual Golf
  • All Equipment Included
  • Private Bus & Driver
  • Brewery Feed
  • 2 Beer Paddles Each
  • Local Craft Breweries
  • 2 Breweries Visited
  • Customise it!

The grass is always greener on My Ultimate Bucks’ side! Probably because of all the beer we’ve got over here… Combine your best mate’s love of golf and beer with this epic Melbourne bucks party idea! Tee off on our epic golf simulator before being privately chartered through the Melbourne CBD visiting our incredible local micro-breweries!

$229.00 per person, based on 10 attendees. Expecting less? Contact us.

Pairing a Melbourne bucks golf day and a bucks brewery tour together? Genius! Our Melbourne CBD brewery tour is one of our most popular Melbourne bucks party ideas – so strap in, practice that swing and spend a day living it up with your own private transport, and some of Melbourne's best beers!

We kick this epic package off as you and the lads arrive at our incredible golf simulator venue for some Melbourne bucks golf! Welcome to our ultimate indoor golf simulator featuring an impressive collection of over 84 courses for you to explore and conquer! It's all at your disposal, and we'll take care of providing all the necessary equipment, ensuring you and the lads have an awesome time - with some "friendly"competition, of course! Our cutting-edge technology will track your ball's spin, swing, distance, and flight path, revealing the true winner!

Forget about tedious waiting for the group to catch up, searching for lost balls, or moving between holes – we've got you covered. Plus, our venue boats a fully-licensed bar for an abundance of cold beers!

Two hours of golfing later, your private bus is here to pick you up and escort you to the next stop on this truly awesome bucks day! Whether you’ve won the round or lost horrendously we still think you all deserve a beer so raise a glass of included fine ale with the guys! Our sought-after brewery and cider-house provides the best of both worlds combined into a delicious tasting paddle. Subtly sweet ciders and brilliant brews are a staple here and you’ll get to taste the best of the best! Trust us this one is a winner!

It’s onwards and upwards from here with a mini bucks brewery tour through some of the city's finest brew houses. The next stop on this incredible Melbourne bucks party is an awesome beer house that has some of the finest local brews on tap – brewed exclusively from their orchard. Our brew professional will take you and the lads on a tour around their hop system with state-of-the-art technology, and provide you with some delicious tastings of their lagers! It's an incredible day out with our Melbourne CBD brewery tour!

After a morning spent golfing with the lads and an afternoon spent tasting delicious beers and ciders, it’s time to head back to the city for a raunchy bucks night ahead or a classy night out - let us know if we can help plan the rest of your best mate’s celebration! We can arrange a delicious steak dinner, private rooms with topless waitresses or even a private bucks cruise to really top this day off! We can even arrange complimentary nightclub or a VIP booth at our sought-after strip club for the lads to kick on with later in the evening!

Even if you’ve never golfed a day in your life you’ll be a winner for throwing this brilliant bucks party! Golf and beers – every man’s dreams come true! The best part is no one needs to know you had a liiiiiiiiiiittle help planning this epic Melbourne bucks party just by calling 1300 339 734 or emailing on Our contact form!