Revs, Bevs and Babes

  • Go Karting Grand Prix
  • Burger and Chips Feed
  • Bonus Beer for the Buck
  • VIP Club Booth
  • Topless Waitress
  • Customise it!

Needing day time bucks ideas, but want a night out that is equally as awesome? Revs, Bevs and Babes is your answer! Our go-karting bucks Melbourne package is complete with powerful beasty go-karts, beers, boobs, and burgers. Totally inclusive, you won’t need any other Melbourne bucks party ideas, because this one has it all!

$299.00 per person, based on 15 attendees. Expecting less? Contact us.

Rev those engines lads – are you ready for the ultimate go-karting bucks Melbourne party? Bucks parties don’t come more epic than this! Outdoor go-karting, "friendly” competition, beers, babes, and burgers, all the ingredients to give your best mate the Melbourne bucks party he deserves. Kick this day off at our incredible outdoor go kart track where you’ll battle it out for top spot before you head into our epic venue for some beers and food to line those stomachs! Now of course we promised boobs, so in walks your sexy goddess topless waitress to dote on you and the gents! Seriously, how have you not booked this already?

Gentlemen, start your engines and put that pedal to the metal as your awesome bucks go-karting grand prix kicks off. We throw you a helmet, give you a safety briefing, then it’s up to you to show your mates who’s king of the track. Once you’re strapped into these little beasts, it’s time to put that foot to the floor! Our epic karts go quick, but you’ll need to be quicker to keep up with the hair pin turns, not to mention the 105m sprint to really push that engine to the limit! Just to keep it authentic, we’ve even got some qualifying time in there, only the best will get that top spot after all!

Once you’ve got the front runner and the bloke you’d now trust to drive a bus full of nuns, it’s time to line up for the final race! Floor it off the grid as the light turns green and don’t take that foot off the floor until you see that chequered flag. It’s go-karting bucks Melbourne at its finest! Just a heads up – each go kart is fitted with a microchip to record the lap times so, yes that is the correct time, no the chip isn’t broken – and who gave you a licence? Revel in your podium finish, congratulate the winner and prepare to rile up the loser all night long! And if you get your hands on a champagne bottle later, you know what to do.  

After this epic go karting grand prix, it’s time to hand back those helmets and head into inner Melboune for more celebrations, or a beer to drown your slowest man’s sorrows! We’ve got a perfect table for you at this spot we know, where the beers are looking for their master and the mad chats are waiting. Pull the lads over and use this time to debrief the race over an ice cold beer- we’ll even throw in a stein for the main man, you know, in case he won, or lost.

Our next awesome venue will definitely get all the guys in the mood to party. With a beer waiting for each of the lads, and a cheeky bonus beer for the buck, it’s not long before you’ll be feeling the call of hunger. We’ll fix you right up with a classic burger feed. Is there really a better fuel for the rest of the day other than a thick burger? We don’t think so. So sit up and chow down, you’re gonna need the strength for this next bit.

From here, you're headed to our epic underground bar, for a 2 hour VIP booth! To lead you to your booth, you’ll be greeted by one of our handpicked My Ultimate Bucks topless angels. She’s here for the next two hours in your booth to dote on you and the lads, and pander over the buck! With a bucket of beers waiting, now is the perfect time to test what this babe can do with a bottle cap, so get cracking on those tops! This darling is an expert at keeping things…perky, so enjoy the company and the night! Of course, we can arrange complimentary entry for you and all the guys into our hottest Melbourne strip clubs to continue the night with hot babes, or for a change of scenery we can organise complimentary entry into our trendiest night clubs. The night is your oyster!

So how do you organise this epic Melbourne bucks party? Flick us an email on Our contact form or give us a call on 1300 339 734 so we can give your best mate the ultimate send off he deserves!