Barefoot Bowls, Beers & Babes

  • Barefoot Bowls and Beer
  • VIP Club Booth
  • Casual Lads Dinner
  • Bonus Beer for the Buck
  • Round of Beers Included
  • Drinks Package
  • Topless Waitress
  • Pizzas
  • Customise it!

Fancy tickling your balls, a topless hottie, and a stacked burger? It’s one of the best Melbourne bucks ideas there is – and the name says it all! A full day of epic bucks night activities awaits with this barefoot bowls, boobs, and burgers package. Give your buck a proper Melbourne bucks night with barefoot bowls, ice cold beers and your own private topless stunner!

$179.00 per person, based on 15 attendees. Expecting less? Contact us.

Cold beers, grass in your toes, epic lads dinner, and a hot as hell topless waitress all combined in a barefoot bowls bucks party - what more could you want?  Bowl the competition over with an awesome barefoot bowls session before you head on out for the ultimate after party in your own private room - where the beers and free-flowing and the topless waitress is hot as hell!

Kick your afternoon off by wearing no shoes, drinking an ice cold beer, and playing with your balls - the only way to start a Melbourne bucks party really! We’ve got everything set up so you’ll be given all the equipment you need, including the most important part- a beer ready for your hand. We’ll toss in some instruction for the newbies and then it’s time to let loose on the green! Try your hand at bowling the boys away with your surprisingly good skills – and if you have none of these just try your best and weather the insults from your mates! Spend two hours laughing with the guys as you try to master the art of bowls and indulge in couple of frothies from the bar! There’s just nothing like the afternoon in the sun, a cold beer in hand, and indulging in a little friendly competition with the guys to kick off an amazing Melbourne bucks night!

Once you’re all bowled out, it’s time to head into the heart of the city where our incredible venue awaits! At this pit stop you can enjoy our swanky bar, but more importantly, it’s time for an epic burger! As you’re deciding which burg to order we’ll roll through with a round of drinks to cool down that brain and help you pick, of course we’ll bring our a cheeky bonus beer for the main man himself- if anyone’s head is overworked it’s probably his! Chow down on those succulent burgers because this night isn’t over and you’re gonna need all the strength you can get!

From here, head into our awesome underground bucks night venue, decked out for an epic party and with your VIP booth awaiting! We’ve got your booth set up with a whole 2 hours of free flowing house spirits, beers and wines, so make sure you raise a glass to the man of the hour over and over again!

Now don’t fret, we promised you boobs and we always deliver! Cue your own personal topless waitress, smoking hot and wearing nothing but sky-high heels and a little lace G-string! This busty babe is here for the whole two hours to serve the lads and flirt her ass off as you enjoy some cold beers and she shows you what one does to a nipple!

Wanting more? We can add in a private strip show, transport if you don’t want to do the quick tram between venues, or VIP strip club entry with the first round on us to this awesome package - just ask one of our incredible My Ultimate Bucks party consultants and we can customise it for your buck!

Just as promised Barefoot Bowls, Beers and Babes – what else could you want for an unforgettable bucks night? Give your buck a truly legendary Melbourne bucks party with this epic bucks package! And all you have to do is pickup the phone and call us on 1300 339 734 or email us on Our contact form