Established 2011

A to B - Axes to Babes!

  • Axe Throwing
  • Bus Transport
  • Burgers & Babes Experience
  • Topless Stunners
  • Burger and Chips Feed
  • Interactive Strip Shows
  • Bucks Games
  • Customise it!

Have you been searching for an all inclusive bucks night? Our A to B Axes to Babes package ticks all of the boxes! What could be better than an axe throwing Melbourne bucks party with female bucks entertainment and private bus transport to celebrate your best mate? Best man job done!

$189.00 per person, based on 15 attendees. Expecting less? Contact us.

Looking for an all-inclusive axe throwing Melbourne bucks party? Let’s get right to the point. This Melbourne bucks night has it all! Boobs, food, booze and some friendly axe throwing competition. It’s what we call a well-rounded bucks party. Scrap that. It’s what we call ABSOLUTELY EPIC.

This legendary bucks party kicks off in our Melbourne axe throwing rink, which is reserved privately for your group! We hope you're ready for axe-tion because you'll be competing for the title of greatest aim and strongest arm for the next 90 minutes. After a warm-up round with our axe throwing pros showing you the ropes, it's time to put the Vikings to shame and show us what you've got! Don't worry – we'll still reward you with beer and boobs whether you win or lose, but we can't guarantee you won't get roasted by the rest of the bucks party if you come in last!

We promise you'll be in the mood for an ice-cold victory beer after an hour and a half of intense axe throwing, so round up the boys and walk outside to find your own private bucks transport waiting for you. Your bus is waiting to whisk you away to our bucks night restaurant, where you'll find the iced bevvies and babes you've been promised. This Melbourne bucks party is a winner!

Our CBD location is the adults' equivalent of a playground — tits, food, body shots, drinks, and gorgeous waitresses are just the tip of the iceberg. It's the only way to give your buck an epic send off, with wild burlesque performances on stage and these lovely ladies gradually growing more nude by the hour! Let's toast to a wild bucks night!

Apart from booze and boobs, one thing we can always count on for a big night out with the boys is a damn good burger! Enjoy a proper bucks burger while watching our ladies perform what they do best: fire shows, water displays, and slip and slides, all while wearing only the bare minimum! We even have sports playing on the big screen if you and the lads can bear to look away from the ladies! You have to get the lads doing a round of body shots with one of our girls - how could you not?!

Show the lads how it's done and throw an axe throwing Melbourne bucks party to remember for your best mate! If you've become accustomed to stunning babes fawning over you, we can even arrange strip club entry with a few strip shows for your group to round off the evening...

Axes, beer, babes, and burgers are the way to win best man of the year. Give us a call on 1300 339 734 or get in touch at Our contact form to get the party started or continue browsing our awesome range of Melbourne bucks night packages!