Kicks & Kegs - with Bubble Soccer

  • Bubble Soccer
  • Private Ref and Games
  • Steak Dinner
  • Round of Beers Included
  • Bonus Beer for the Buck
  • Customise it!

Ever wanted to run full pelt at your best mate with no consequences or concussions? Boy, do we have an opportunity for you! Pop yourself into a big plastic orb, pretend to play soccer, and run full force towards the buck in our bubble soccer Melbourne experience! Then it's off for a damn good pub feed, and a few cheeky beers of course, at one of our awesome My Ultimate Bucks restaurants. The best outdoors bucks ideas in Melbourne are right here!

$149.00 per person, based on 12 attendees. Expecting less? Contact us.

The best Melbourne bucks ideas always come in threes, right? Treat your best mate before the big day with bucks bubble soccer Melbourne, awesome beer, and a damn good feed. Now, get ready to play some soccer with a bit of a bouncy twist... it's game time lads!

Our bubble soccer Melbourne experience is the perfect combination of all the best elements of sports - the ability to run full force at your opponents with zero consequence, and no need for any level of skill! Plus, there's no fouls, no red cards, and no penalties - so secretly co-ordinate a front line with your best mates and charge! Crash, roll around, bump, and do the classic body slam into your opponents as you let loose on our incredible soccer field.

After warming up in your personal bubble, you've all definitely earned that nice ice cold beer! Head over to our absolutely legendary pub in the heart of Melbourne’s party street, where we’ve got a delicious beer waiting for everyone, and of course, a cheeky extra for the buck! Sit back and relax at your reserved seating and we’ll bring over our awesome My Ultimate Bucks chef's selection menu choice of main meal. We hope you've worked up an appetite as these meals are sure to put it back in its place! On the menu for your bucks group is a delish bucks pub feast with all the classics and trimmings- we can even add the likes of sirloin and lamb shanks!

Of course, with a feed in your belly the night doesn’t have to end there! Chat to one of our Melbourne bucks party consultants about adding some more bucks night shenanigans! We can arrange complimentary entry into our sought-after Melbourne nightclub, or you can take the party up a notch with VIP strip shows featuring our most devious and naughty My Ultimate Bucks angels. If you have any other ideas – throw them at us, the night is yours!

We wouldn’t want your buck to miss out on one of the best Melbourne bucks ideas that will create memories to last a lifetime – so contact us on 1300 339 734 or via email on Our contact form and let’s start planning the epic party your best mate deserves!