High Roller Buck With Topless Lady Lucks

  • Private Bar
  • Topless Poker Dealer
  • Topless Waitress
  • Drinks Package
  • With Spirits
  • Private Bar Staff
  • Awesome Food Platters
  • Iconic Surfers Paradise Bar
  • Customise it!

Want to treat your best mate like a true high roller? Then look no further than My Ultimate Bucks High Roller Buck With Topless Lady Lucks package! With a bucks party private room, not one but TWO topless stunners doting on the lads, free flowing drinks with spirits included and delicious platters of food delivered right to your room, this is a poker tournament you’re sure not to forget!

$199.00 per person, based on 16 attendees. Expecting less? Contact us.

A bucks party private room at an iconic venue with topless ladies, poker, dinner, and beer? Of course, we can do that! Kickstart the night by strolling into your winner’s lounge where your topless poker dealer is waiting for you and so are the spirits with a topless waitress to serve them!

We like to party in style here at My Ultimate Bucks and we assume you do too, so this epic package is hosted in one of the Gold Coast’s best located hotels! Right in the centre of Surfers Paradise, it’s guaranteed to be an epic bucks night out! But you’re not slumming it with the masses tonight! We’ve told everyone you’re VIP’s tonight, so skip the queue and head on inside to your private bucks poker den! This high roller lounge is all yours for the next three hours and the bar is open – and more importantly, the drinks are free-flowing!

We’ve put the beer, wine, cider AND spirits on ice for 3 hours so drink up boys! With the bar at your disposal, we’ve ensured that all the guys will stay well hydrated throughout the evening! We’ve also got one of our busty topless waitresses handy for this as well! Dressed in nothing more than a skimpy G-string and high heels, she will ferry around your drinks and platters of share food for the evening – all in the comfort of your bucks party private room! She’ll flirt her way through the night as she fulfils your every need on this Gold Coast bucks night out! No one will be left hungry – we’ve got the perfect menu to hold in one hand while you have a full beer in the other!

Our bucks night babe has a partner in crime that arrives alongside her! Your topless poker dealer comes just as scantily clad as the first and has bought along her cards and chips for this private poker tournament! She’ll deal you in for a round in nothing but that itty bitty g-string! Try and keep your eyes on your cards as she flaunts her perfect pair in your face. You’ll be royally flushed just trying to concentrate on your own hand! But there’s only winners here on this Gold Coast bucks night! As you’re playing rounds with the guys your topless waitress is serving rounds of drinks and acting as a pretty damn good distraction! Eyes on the cards boys!

After 3 blissful hours of drinks, cards, chips and tits, it’s time to wave goodbye to your gorgeous topless stunners as they disappear into the night, gone but definitely not forgotten… we can arrange complimentary entry into one of our awesome nightclubs if you’re after a Gold Coast club crawl! We can also arrange strip club entry if you’re already missing your topless babes…

If topless women, free-flowing spirits, and an epic feed sounds like what the main man needs, shoot us a message at Our contact form or call us on 1300 339 734. Don’t worry we’ll do all the planning – you can take the credit (and the hangover)!