The Ultimate Bucks Club Crawl

  • Express Entry At All Bars
  • Walking Distance Venues
  • Round Of Drinks at First Club
  • Round Of Drinks at Second Club
  • Hot Strip Show at Third Club
  • Lap Dance For Buck
  • Customise it!

This is a true VIP club crawl Gold Coast edition! With VIP express entry, drinks, all your cover charges sorted and some of the city’s best nightclubs, this is a truly exclusive night out! And it’s all topped off with a very erotic and very interactive strip show to round off the night! Don’t slum it with the plebs! Get The Ultimate Bucks Club Crawl!

$99.00 per person, based on 15 attendees. Expecting less? Contact us.

How about a private club crawl Gold Coast? That’s right, a CLUB crawl, not your run of the mill pub crawl! It’s one of those bucks party ideas that keeps on giving, so hit the dancefloor with a drink in hand and end up at our iconic strip club for a cheeky strip show featuring the buck on stage!

Grab the lads and head into the heart of Surfer’s Paradise for this clubbing twist on a classic Gold Coast bucks party! We’ll kick off at our favourite jungle themed bar, draped in vines and crawling with clubbing animals. Feel like true king of the jungle (move over lion) as you take the express VIP lanes straight through the front door. Of course, the plebs around will only be more impressed when you’re handed a drink at the door as befitting the king! Once you’re in, be greeted by the epic lighting and watch as the party goers spill in to party the night away. First stop = bucks night win!

From your first epic club, it’s time to move to another of the Gold Coast’s hottest nightclubs! With dark winding tunnels in, raised platforms for dancers and leather-bound booths surrounding the dance floor - this isn’t just a night club, this is a Gold Coast bucks experience in itself! You’ll be shown inside – remember, you’re My Ultimate Bucks VIP’s so forget the cover charges and waiting in lines! Of course, we’ve sorted every lad out with another drink on arrival! Aren’t you thankful we’ve got your back on the epic club crawl Gold Coast experience?!

With two clubs down, it’s time to enter a different kind. Our highly sought-after strip club is awaiting your arrival! Relax on the deluxe red couches right next to the main stage and watch as a show is put on for you. But keep an eye on the buck as the cheeky bombshell on stage invites him up for a special and…interactive show. Promise us one thing? You won’t tell his missus or in-laws about this party of the bucks party!

Don’t just give your best mate a standard ass club crawl, give him the My Ultimate Bucks VIP club crawl he DESERVES! All you have to do to give your is give us call on 1300 339 734 or shoot us a message at Our contact form and we’ll take care of the rest!