Established 2011

The A Team

  • Private Bar
  • FIVE Topless Waitresses
  • Drinks Package
  • With Spirits
  • Awesome Food Platters
  • Private Bar Staff
  • Customise it!

Sometimes planning a bucks is a game of numbers. Like how many gorgeous bucks night topless waitresses should I have in one room? The answer to that question is this package right here! It comes with five (yes, FIVE) scantily clad women all in one room. Add a 3-hour free flowing beverage package and I would say you have the solution to the perfect Gold Coast bucks party! So, gather your A Team together and get ready for a night you’ll never forget!

$249.00 per person, based on 16 attendees. Expecting less? Contact us.

What’s better than a bucks night topless waitress? Not one, not two, or even three, let’s go for five. We don’t do things half-assed here at My Ultimate Bucks!

Ready for a night of nothing but tits, spirits, tits, beer, and tits? We thought so! The night begins at one of our best located Surfers Paradise hotels! You won’t be mingling with the masses tonight – we’ve arranged a private headquarters for this evening’s entertainment! Grab a drink from your private bar and raise the first of many glasses to the buck. The bar tender will make sure you all stay well hydrated with a selection of beer, wine, spirits and cider set to free flow for the next three hours! It’s the ultimate Gold Coast bucks party!

The real fun begins when your first two gorgeous bucks night topless waitresses arrive! Clad in only teeny, little lace G-strings and sky high heels, they are here to get this night started! For 2 whole hours these topless babes will ferry your drinks and food around ensuring that no one goes hungry. Along with the eye candy, you’ll enjoy a selection of toasted salt & pepper calamari, wedges, nachos, chicken wings and more!

As the clock strikes on your second hour, THREE more absolute stunners will arrive to help keep the night going! These girls are as barely dressed as the first two stunners and they’re here to kick it up a notch!

The drinks will keep flowing as your topless babes ferry them around while flirting and pandering over the guys until it’s time to say farewell. Our My Ultimate Bucks stunners will teeter off one by one and head into the night, never to be forgotten. Of course, the guys are suddenly used to having gorgeous women fawn over them so what are you to do now?!

Fear not we have you covered! Ask us about our complimentary strip club entry into one the Gold Coast’s most iconic clubs for some entertainment that will have the guys wanting more! Otherwise, you can party on in our epic nightclubs with our complimentary entry!

Want to one-way ticket straight to the Gold Coast bucks party best man hall of fame? Give us a call on 1300 339 734 or flick us through an email at Our contact form and let’s get planning!