Established 2011

Seven Deadly Sins

  • Private Bucks Party Boat
  • Central Departure Location
  • First Topless Waitress On Board
  • Second Topless Waitress On Board
  • Third Topless Waitress On Board
  • Drinks Package On Board
  • Iconic Surfers Paradise Bar
  • Two Bikini Waitresses At Dinner
  • Tapas Feed
  • Round Of Drinks At Dinner
  • Double Trouble Strip Show
  • Lap Dance For Buck
  • Seven Stunners Included!
  • Customise it!

A day and night full of pure bucks party debauchery, this is a night you’ll never let the future wife know about! With a private bucks party boat Gold Coast experience complete with THREE stunning topless waitresses onboard, an epic feed served to you by TWO bikini babes and TWO more bucks night strippers performing a sultry strip show to top off the night! If you’re good at maths, that’s SEVEN different girls for the Seven Deadly Sins!

$299.00 per person, based on 15 attendees. Expecting less? Contact us.

Does your best mate want one final night of pure sin onboard your very own bucks party boat Gold Coast? This package is perfect for the buck who could use a little bit of sin… or seven of them! We’ve got you covered!

This epic Gold Coast bucks party kicks off where all good ones do, as you board your private sailing vessel to sail the seven seas! We’ve set you up with a two-hour free-flowing drinks package – so there’s no need to lug around slabs of your favourite beers or worry about your drinks getting warm. It’s about to get extremely hot onboard as your scantily clad topless waitresses make their grand entrance. Our boat has a strict no bikini tops on this cruise!

Your THREE stunning bucks party babes are here to dote on you and the guys as you stare at the captivating views… and the Gold Coast waters look pretty nice too! Crank the tunes and crack open the beers that the topless stunners are ferrying around. Maybe, make a swim stop to take a dip and cool off after spending all that time with these hot as hell babes! Relax in the endless sun for a few glorious hours with just the lads, beers, and boobs, and that’s just to start this Gold Coast bucks party!

After 2 hours of cruising and perving, it’s time to bid a reluctant goodbye to these three stunners. Alas the party isn’t over yet! Head on over to our awesome traditional style pub in the heart of Surfer’s for an epic bucks night dinner! Be greeted with some impressive jugs – and our bikini waitresses have some arrival beers for you! These two babes are here to escort you through this next part of the evening! Our buxom bikini clad stunners are private for your group only and will ensure you have the ultimate dinner! They will serve up your epic shared style dinner featuring the likes of nachos and BBQ wings, as well as calamari, wedges, and garlic bread. This epic chef’s selection spread will definitely fix whatever appetite you worked up looking at those boat babes!

Eat your fill and wave goodbye to your two beautiful bikini babes, you and the lads will head out into the Gold Coast nightlife to our iconic strip club! We’ve covered the cover charge, so breeze on it and past the bouncer. Two of our stunning My Ultimate Bucks strippers will drag your buck on stage for two erotic lap dances and a few little tricks!

Once our strip show stunners have released the buck back to you, it’s time to party the night away! You’re welcome to stay on in our strip club to kick on or we can arrange complimentary nightclub entry for you as well! If you’re ready to release your inner sinner just give us a call on 1300 339 734 or shoot us a message at Our contact form and we can organise this Gold Coast bucks night for the ages!