Established 2011

Knock Knock! Kidnap the Buck!

  • Kidnap The Buck Experience
  • Lingerie Waitress In The Hummer
  • Stretch Hummer
  • BYO In The Hummer
  • VIP Strip Club Entry
  • Hot Strip Show
  • Customise it!

Test your best mates sense of humour while giving the rest of the lads a guaranteed laugh - it's a kidnap the buck experience your buck will not soon forget! Tied up and blindfolded by a stunner before being loaded into the worlds most epic getaway vehicle. A luxury stretch hummer, which will drop you to the door of our club for a strip show!

$129.00 per person, based on 14 attendees. Expecting less? Contact us.

Are you ready to plan the ultimate kidnap the buck prank on your best mate? Does your buck always prank you? Well now it's your time to have the final laugh on his night of all nights! We've got the perfect Gold Coast bucks party ideas to ensure the man of the hour has the time of his life!

As far as your buck is concerned you're kicking the bucks off with ‘just a few casual bevvies with the lads’. Little does he know a stunning babe, is right around the corner ready to blindfold and kidnap him to REALLY get the party started! Imagine his face when he opens the door to reveal your busty babe drapped around his door frame. Flustered? I think he might be. The lads will all be in on it, helping your gorgeous angel blindfold your buck and haul him outside!

Outside, the getaway vehicle awaits...your very own stretch hummer that is! It's probably time to take the blindfold off your buck so he can actually see the beast of the vehicle in front of him! Bring along the BYO bevvies - our hummer is totally BYO friendly! Bundle the buck onboard, and feed him beers as you cruise through the Gold Coast headed to bucks heaven! The best part? Your stunning kidnapper has hopped onboard with you and the rest of the lads to cruise through the city in style with tunes blasting - it is his Gold Coast bucks party after all!

After an hour of cruising through the city, enjoying the views of the nightlights and your hot as hell babe, you and the lads will be dropped to that bucks heaven we mentioned earlier. What is bucks heaven you ask? Oh, it’s a brilliant place where you are handed a drink on arrival, and all of the hottest women on the Gold Coast are walking around wearing nearly nothing at all!  You are welcomed inside the way a bucks group should be – a very sultry strip show with a twist! This strip show will involve the buck on stage, to give the rest of the lads a great laugh!

After the strip show, our stunner will return him back to your group for the night. You can party the night away in our iconic club, knowing you've just pulled off the ultimate bucks!

Give your buck what he really wants – a final night full of laughs and shenanigans on the Gold Coast with his best mates. Oh and his own hummer and some seriously epic tits. Easy done. Call us on 1300 339 734 or Our contact form and we can make it all happen!