Established 2011

Revs, Bevs & Babes

  • Go Karting
  • Exclusive Track Use
  • Private Bar
  • Iconic Surfers Paradise Bar
  • Topless Waitress
  • Drinks Package
  • With Spirits
  • Awesome Food Platters
  • Private Bar Staff
  • Customise it!

Spend the afternoon flying around our epic go karting Gold Coast track in karts that top 80kms an hour, before heading into the heart of the Surfers Paradise to your private winner’s room for three hours of free-flowing spirits, food and your own personal topless grid girl. Step aside groomsmen, this Best Man has already won!

$249.00 per person, based on 15 attendees. Expecting less? Contact us.

Looking for a go karting Gold Coast session with a sultry twist? We thought so, so let us help you out! We’ve set you and the lads up on our awesome go karting track to speed through the afternoon, before being treated like My Ultimate Bucks VIP’s in your very own private celebration lounge for three hours of pure bliss – with free-flowing spirits, delicious food and an hot as hell topless waitress to serve it all up for you! Winning!

Kick your day off as you step onto the tarmac at this legendary track. Renowned for it’s race events and boasting ridiculous hairpin turns this track will test all of the boys! Get suited and booted, jump into one of these little beasts and show the guys who’s boss. There does have to be a loser though and our state-of-the-art karts will track this through their transponder chips. So, if you came last…yes you really are that bad - you can’t fool technology!

After a practice AND a qualifying lap, you’ll be sorted into your grid start positions. Gentlemen, start your engines, as soon as that chequered flag drops hit the gas and send it! Once the dust settles and the brake pads are found to be in perfect condition, it’s time for the next event in this Gold Coast bucks party.

Head over to the heart of Surfer’s Paradise to our iconic venue – stroll past the plebs in the main area and head straight to your private celebration room, today you’re VIPs! Up the stairs you’ll find your decked out private room waiting for you, but that’s not the only thing. You’ll be greeted by your own private bar staff with nothing less than a drink in hand. Sit down, relax and get revel in the fact that the beers, wines, ciders, and SPIRITS are set to free flowing for the next three hours! Put away those wallets bouse, we’ve got this! Raise a glass to the man of the hour over and over again!

It'd be no fun if you had to serve all those drinks yourselves, so bring in your very own private waitress! Not long after you’ve arrived, there will be a grand entrance by none other than your topless stunner for the evening! She’s here to serve you for three whole hours in nothing but sky-high heels and some teeny tiny bottoms. Of course, we didn’t just pick her for her assets! She’ll mingle with the guys and pay super special attention to the buck – sorry lads, it is his bucks party after all!

Your busty babe will also serve up a variety of bucks night food platters to make sure the guys stay well fed! The menu includes spice fried calamari with lashings of chilli aioli, mini-Wagyu beef sliders, BBQ chicken wings – just to name a few! The buck will be thanking his lucky stars that he made you his best man!

After three hours of pure bliss, it’s time to head out into the nightlife where we’ve got your cover charge sorted – want us to arrange complimentary entry into our best Gold Coast nightclubs or strip clubs? Done!

If tearing up the asphalt in ago karting Gold Coast experience followed by a private room with a stunning topless waitress, free flowing spirits and a seriously good feed sounds like all the essentials you need for your Gold Coast bucks party, give us a call on 1300 339 734 or shoot us a message at Our contact form. You can take all the credit while we deal with all those pesky logistics!